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General Dynamics’ Fortress Wireless solutions provide “always on”, reliable end-to-end high speed wireless access to critical information needed by law enforcement, first responders, government agencies, military personnel and energy markets. Our industry-leading Mesh and 4G LTE products are Size, Weight, Power and Cost (SWaP-C) optimized for outdoor use and customizable for specific frequency bands to fit a variety of mobile applications from tactical deployments, cluttered urban environments and everywhere in between.

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TIGR Over the Shoulder Resized

Fortress eNodeB Now FCC Certified and Ready to Deploy

The Fortress 4W RN2404-2 eNodeB brings to reality a future where the ease and mobility of modern smartphone technology is available to forces on the battlefield. Soldiers connected to Fortress 4G LTE Networks via commercial phones have secure and trusted access to the same mobile and streaming capabilities offered on domestic 4G LTE networks.

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Lifting the "Fog of War" With Tactical LTE

Today's soldiers operate on challenging terrain and in fast-moving, remote, and dynamic battlefields. Our LTE technology will enable soldiers to take pictures and gather information using their smartphones, then transmit the data back to their commanders, who can track their locations on command and control displays. To learn more about how our LTE solutions can help lift "The Fog of War," request our whitepaper.

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