APNT Systems with Military GPS User Equipment MGUE Receiver Cards For Patriot Missile Systems

First equipping of military code-capable assured positioning, navigation, and timing systems to provide more accurate and secure military GPS

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – GPS Source, a subsidiary of General Dynamics Mission Systems, announced today it has delivered Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing (APNT) systems with integrated Military GPS User Equipment (MGUE) receiver cards to the U.S. Army DEVCOM AvMC and PEO Missiles & Space. Initial systems will be used to evaluate the performance of Patriot missile batteries with modernized GPS hardware solutions.

These will be the first fielded APNT systems supporting MGUE hardware and the first fielded systems utilizing dedicated military signals, known as M-code. The systems include General Dynamics' GPS Source Enhanced DAGR Distributed Device (ED3), VICTORY CSAC (Chip Scale Atomic Clock) Accessory Module (VCAM), and anti-jam antenna, along with integrated MGUE receiver cards. These systems support the Department of Defense’s ongoing GPS modernization program and will provide Patriot Missile radars, launchers and command and control systems with a stronger, more accurate GPS signal to protect them against potential jamming or electronic warfare attacks.

“This is a very important milestone. These will be the first fielded MGUE capable units since the inception of the GPS Modernization effort over twenty years ago,” said Aaron Mebust, vice president and director of GPS Source. “These systems will immediately provide warfighters in the field with significant operational APNT capabilities to successfully defeat emerging threats so they can execute their missions safely.”

GPS Source is currently the only provider of a fielded APNT solution available to the Army. The system was first fielded in 2019 and is a mobile modular system that monitors GPS signals for validity and sends assured PNT data to military devices.

Since 2000, GPS Source has provided GPS distribution and validation equipment to the U.S. military. More information about the APNT solutions developed by GPS Source is available at www.gpssource.com.

GPS Source Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics Mission Systems, specializes in GPS data validation and distribution products, solutions, and services. GPS Source serves the Department of Defense, federal government, aerospace, telecom, public safety, commercial electronics, and other markets.

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