As a follow on to the 2020 GD Live webinar titled, “Choosing the Right Security Solution: Evaluating the Differences between High Assurance Type 1 and CSfC Solutions,” this next GD Live installment focuses on a more in-depth overview of encryption solutions categorized as Cryptographic High Value Products (CHVP).

CHVP products bridge the mission gap that is currently seen in requirements needed for rising applications such as telework, unmanned and joint missions. CHVP products are enabling warfighters to extend high assurance security to high-risk applications at the tactical edge.

Check out our webinar with TACLANE® Senior Product Manager, Chris Barnicle, and Solutions Architect, Ken Ottaviano, discussing:

  • Basic differences between High Assurance (Type 1) and CSfC Solutions
  • How CHVP optimally meets new mission requirements
  • Key steps in adopting CHVP products into your network architecture