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The integration of the Sectéra® vIPer Universal Secure Phone into the REDCOM Secure Voice Gateway provides government agencies and enterprises with a turnkey Advanced Cryptographic Capabilities (ACC) compliant solution for Type 1 secure voice gateway systems.

FAIRFAX, Va. – General Dynamics Mission Systems announced today a strategic relationship with REDCOM Laboratories, Inc. to provide U.S. government agencies and enterprises with an ACC-compliant solution for Type 1 secure voice gateways. This new platform removes the integration and engineering work from the user, and provides reliable access to red/black networks using a Type 1 gateway device or a Type 1 conferencing solution for end-to-end secure communications.

The Sectéra vIPer Secure Phone/REDCOM Secure Voice Gateway integrated solution is available now for purchase. This integrated solution connects new and legacy Security Communications Interoperability Protocol (SCIP) secure voice devices offering the most modern, advanced cryptographic capabilities for secure conferencing at the strategic level. While the REDCOM Secure Voice Gateway provides the necessary routing functionality to set up secure conference calls, the National Security Agency (NSA) certified Sectéra vIPer Secure Phone provides Type 1 encryption and SCIP interoperability to protect sensitive voice calls classified top secret and below.

This integrated solution is ideal for users requiring a secure voice conferencing capability or as a cryptomod upgrade for deployed REDCOM systems utilizing legacy encryptors such as the Sectéra Wireline Terminal (SWT-R) or Secure Telephone Equipment (STE-R). The Sectéra vIPer phone system is also ideal for REDCOM SWT-R or STE-R users looking to transition from public switched telephone network to VoIP networks as it supports both legacy and IP networks. The Sectéra vIPer secure phone provides a graceful migration while maintaining secure SCIP protection of classified communications.

The Sectéra vIPer Universal Secure Phone is currently the only NSA certified SCIP phone providing end-to-end protection of voice and data classified top secret and below. It is ACC-compliant to provide the highest level of security and flexible to support a wide range of network applications and security levels (from top secret and below including nonsecure/clear calling), eliminating the need for multiple desktop phones. The Sectéra vIPer Phone incorporates features of a commercial VoIP phone, and is supported by the widely deployed GEM® One Encryptor Manager software to ease deployment and maintenance of end user devices across the network in dispersed locations.

The REDCOM Secure Voice Gateway consists of a REDCOM HDX system powered by REDCOM’s new Secure Device Interface board. Each board can connect with up to four standard production Sectéra vIPer phones, which act as voice encryptors for time-division multiplexing or Session Initiation Protocol voice networks. Multiple Secure Device Interface boards can be configured in each system to connect to more Sectéra vIPer encryptors.

Contact General Dynamics Mission Systems INFOSEC Team for information on the integrated Sectéra/REDCOM secure communications solution.

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Updated: 1/15/21