Set aside 12 days, dedicate 236 acres, add food, thrill rides, livestock exhibits, and musical entertainment and host 500,000 people, and you have the 2015 New Mexico State Fair. Behind the scenes of this highly anticipated annual event is a team of public safety professionals comprising law enforcement, emergency responders and State and Local government officials, brought together by the State of New Mexico to keep everything running smoothly.

And, keeping all these first responders, departments and agencies 100 percent connected, 24/7, is a dedicated 4G LTE Public Safety Network from General Dynamics Mission Systems. Using the most advanced wireless technology available today, this dedicated 4G LTE network delivers greater coverage, capacity, connectivity, cybersecurity and resiliency than any other public safety wireless system.

"Just to have a line of communication amongst all law enforcement, you can't put a price on that Even if the officer cannot communicate, we know where that officer is. You can't put a price on that."
Lt. Jeff Rey, New Mexico State Police
GD 4G LTE Public Safety Network at NM BalloonFiesta
Housed in a compact, easily deployed communications trailer, the General Dynamics 4G LTE Cell on Wheels provides voice and data communications for real time sharing of information, access for all public safety agencies and the ability to instantly deploy resources and make actionable decisions.

So while attendees at this year's New Mexico State Fair enjoyed the fun and festivities and made memories that will last a lifetime, the State of New Mexico and General Dynamics Mission Systems made sure the communications infrastructure was in place to keep things running smoothly and safely.