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Deployable LTE Solution

About Our Deployable Cell on Wheels

General Dynamics Cell On Wheels (COW)

Emergency scenarios and disasters can wipe out existing communications networks at the very moment they are needed most. Large planned events can also bring a network to a standstill and cause coordination headaches across jurisdictions and agencies. The Cell On Wheels (COW) emergency deployable unit keeps first responders connected any place, anytime, and in any emergency or event.

The COW is capable of operating on commercial networks as well as dedicated 4G LTE public safety Band Class 14 networks, making it as reliable and flexible as the first responders who depend on it.

FirstNet Ready and Capable

General Dynamics Public Safety network equipment was successfully tested at the Public Safety Communications Research Program (PSCR), marking a significant milestone in demonstrating that the COW is capable of supporting the nation's FirstNet initiative. FirstNet will rely on technology, such as General Dynamics Mission Systems' FirstNet-Ready COW, to provide secure broadband communications and interoperability among more than 60,000 federal, state, local and tribal agencies and across jurisdictional lines.

Cell On Wheels: Delivering the 4G LTE Network

Delivers Instant Access to Voice, Video, Data, Text, and Chat

Delivers Instant Access to Voice, Video, Data, Text, and Chat

Fourth Generation LTE is the future of wireless broadband technology for public safety. The 4G LTE network created by the COW enables sensors, like iRobot or aerostats, and smart phone technology via WiFi hotspots, providing expandable area coverage for an advanced broadband network to help first responders manage critical public safety communication at natural disaster sites or for large-scale events.

Why They Are Needed

Why They Are Needed

In 2013, there were 880 major natural disasters, costing $125 billion in damage and numerous lives lost.

In the aftermath of any natural disaster, an immediate coordinated response by multiple public safety agencies is required to assess the situation and begin relief efforts. Unfortunately, whether it's an earthquake, a tornado or a wildfire, communications networks can also be damaged and disrupted, severely hampering the response in those critical first hours.

A mobile 4G LTE network that can be easily deployed and configured as needed offers the ideal solution for any disaster response effort. This network would allow public safety agencies to maintain multiple levels of communications connectivity throughout the entire operation, including between first responders on the ground and personnel in command and control centers overseeing the response.

Field Tested, First Responder Approved

Field Tested, First Responder Approved

Major events can be a considerable challenge for Public Safety and Law Enforcement. Even before the event begins, multiple agencies must collaborate, assess and plan for numerous threat situations. During the event itself, officers operate in tight coordination with on-site 911 dispatchers, surveillance teams and field units on patrol. This is a complex challenge, which occurs in real time.

General Dynamics Mission Systems mobile communications technology has been successfully used at a number of large-scale community events, including the 2013 Phoenix Open, the world's largest golf tournament. The Phoenix Police and other agencies in the state had the ability to add observations and relevant information to the system, as they occurred, which created a comprehensive understanding of all event activities. By having key locations and 911 calls visible through interfaces to the 911 Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems, first responders and law enforcement could collaborate, manage and execute their complex missions.