Dynamic Planning & Execution Monitoring with EMPIRE


Enterprise Mission Planning And Integrated Real-Time Execution

Enterprise Mission Planning And Integrated Real-Time Execution (EMPIRE) is a collaborative mission planning & execution monitoring tool suite developed by Progeny Systems, a General Dynamics Mission Systems business area, that allows users at all levels of command to plan, collaborate, coordinate, rehearse, monitor, replan, and debrief all aspects of the mission.


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EMPIRE enables: 

✓ Joint Force Multi-Domain Mission Management

✓ Long-Range Fires & Contested Logistics Coordination

✓ Tactical & Operational Package Integration

✓ Open (GraphQL) External API for Collaboration with Legacy Systems

✓ Tailored 4D Command and Control (C2)

✓ Automated Slide-Based Briefing Generation

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Key Features


DoD-Wide Integration

EMPIRE provides multi-echelon planning for all sectors of the Department of Defense.


Real-Time Collaboration

Create missions with simultaneous multi-user support with live updates, versioning, and planning history.


Route Optimization

EMPIRE provides optimized asset routing based on analysis of Threat Laydown, Environmental Data, and Time/Distance factors.


Browser Based

Our web app can be used on a multitude of devices and supports on-prem, hybrid and remote cloud environments.


Robust Monitoring

Tracking data comes from a variety of ISR sensor feeds, including classified and unclassified information.


Informed Mission Planning

Plan end-to-end missions for multiple manned, unmanned, and weapon assets simultaneously, from large force strikes to unit-level tactics.


4D Manipulation

All DoD assets can be managed in 4D, which supports 3D views of assets and terrain in time & space.


Open Source Map

EMPIRE utilizes Cesium to generate dynamic, high fidelity maps for all missions.



EMPIRE's Information Assurance includes 2 Factor Authentication and is migrating to a zero trust architecture (ZTA).


3rd Party Applications

Easily integrates with external applications like ForeFlight, Next Generation Threat System (NGTS), TAK, WIDOW, and Vigilant Spirit.


PowerPoint Debrief

All planned missions automatically generate a customizable PowerPoint for command review.

Plan Your Mission, Whatever the Weather

EMPIRE supports analytical data architecture to import, ingest, and display current historical, and forecast weather. This includes air and water temperature, wind speed, cloud layer, precipitation, and relative humidity.

EMPIRE Multi Asset Simulations

Multi-Asset Simulations

Plan dynamically with all DoD assets including troops, smart weapons, and vehicles for land, sea, air, and space. All assets can be outfitted with specifics such as loadout and inventory and can be plotted on customizable tracks.



EMPIRE utilizes a Common Operational Picture (COP) through the ability to make live updates on a geo plot. Mission schedules such as long-range fires and time-sensitive tasking can be handled with ease. Live feeds can be monitored and assets can be re-allocated.



EMPIRE supports and enables the JADC2 vision. Integration with the Overmatch Software Armory is in process.

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