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Fortress Secure Wireless Mesh

Connectivity with Certainty

The Fortress® family of wireless mesh points enable rapid establishment of a scalable and mobile self-forming, self-healing, path-optimized secure wireless network where no infrastructure exists. Fortress mesh points deliver high performance COTS wireless and secure communications capabilities that are enhanced with the highest levels of industry-standard encryption to conform to commercial and government standards. Currently deployed in some of the world’s most demanding environments, Fortress mesh points are optimized for rugged-outdoor, and ad-hoc operations to keep military and public safety personnel connected anywhere, anytime.

  • Allows individuals and assets to seamlessly leave and join the network
  • Industry leading radio range
  • Ruggedized & compact for outdoor environments
  • FIPS 140-2 validated data encryption
  • High capacity and scalability
  • Flexible for licensed and unlicensed bands
  • Easy to setup, operational in minutes
  • DoD Unified Capabilities Approved Products List

Fortress Mesh Deployable Broadband Kit

An easily transportable, all-in-one solution that enables military and public safety personnel to quickly establish or extend a Wi-Fi network anywhere, anytime.

Fortress ES2440 Infrastructure Mesh Point

High-capacity wireless mesh point with up to four radios that provides rapid outdoor deployment across long distances.

Fortress ES520 Deployable Mesh Point

Multi-function wireless mesh point that provides portable networking to command centers and small tactical unit environments.

Fortress ES820 Vehicle Mesh Point

Vehicle mesh point specifically tailored to maintain network connectivity between vehicles on the move.