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Combat Search & Rescue Radios

A Lifeline for Isolated Personnel

The General Dynamics HOOK2® GPS CSAR System is a powerful, global, cost-effective solution for Combat Search and Rescue for the military, paramilitary, law enforcement and government agencies. In a search and rescue operation, time is of the essence, and luck is not a strategy. When a crewmember activates a HOOK2 CSAR radio, he can be confident help is on the way.

HOOK2 PRC-112G Transceiver

Our HOOK2 PRC-112G Transceiver gives isolated personnel a secure and reliable means of alerting rescue crews where they are. The last thing you should have to worry about is your radio failing.

Quickdraw2 Interrogator

The Quickdraw2® Interrogator plugs into the intercom system of virtually any aircraft, transforming it into a CSAR platform. Rescue crews in the aircraft can talk directly to survivors on the ground with TAC/TAG capability.

SATCOM Base Station

The SATCOM Base Station is designed for global, in-theater and on-the-move operations. This Base Station provides secure Over-the-Horizon (OTH) data communications with PRC-112G radios.

GPS-112 Program Loader

The GPS-112 Program Loader allows users to upload new software into and program the HOOK2 PRC-112G and PRC-112B1 transceivers and the Quickdraw2 Interrogators.