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LTE Testimonials

Hear From First Responders How We Are Delivering Next Generation Solutions For Public Safety


Why is having real time information important?

"Having timely and accurate information is very important. It determines how we respond, whether it's going to be urgent lights and sirens or it's going to be a routine response, normal driving conditions, and how many units are going to go to the call... It makes a big difference; it changes the entire dynamic of the call."

Deputy Jesse Trebelik - Senior Deputy, Adams County Sheriff's Department


What capabilities might 4G LTE offer in the future?

"Being able to send videos for various different things; so we could send videos to the hospital to let them know exactly what kind of an auto accident these people were in. We could show them the mechanism, so the ER doctor would actually get a very good picture and report before we ever walked into the emergency room."

Chief Mike Ramos - Division Chief of Operations, Adams County Fire & Rescue


Is 4G LTE user friendly?

"The equipment they issued us is a standard cell phone device. They are very user-friendly. Most people nowadays are familiar with how to use smart phones, whether they're Android or iPhone, or whatever, they all pretty much operate the same... It works very well."

Major Matthew Combs - Texas Army National Guard


What does it mean to be the first operational 4G LTE public safety network in the nation?

"I think someone told me it's a celebration and I think they were right, because we're celebrating the fact that it's a great opportunity to be able to advance public safety communications in a new Band Class 14 and be able to encourage additional growth and expansion into the system nationally."

Bill Malone - Former Executive Director, Adams County Communication Center


What does ADCOM911 mean for Public Safety?

"Today's launch and announcement is going to allow ADCOM's first responders to use a variety of end-user devices across the network for a wide range of data needs including HAZMAT database queries, records access, criminal background checks, AVL (Automatic Vehicle location), and send video-based applications."

Jeff Bratcher - Deputy CTO, First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet)


Is Adams County leading the way for the rest of the nation?

"We know natural disasters, for sure, don't know any boundaries. Different jurisdictions, whether they're cities or counties or from local to state to federal need to be able to communicate."

Congressman Ed Perlmutter - 7th District of Colorado


Why is General Dynamics a leading public safety 4G LTE provider?

"We were built for this mission. We're a prime systems integrator first and foremost. We understand spectrum... We've built, most recently, the Coast Guard Search and Rescue system around the country, 46,000 miles of coastal waves are covered by that network, which is a tower based network. So we have that in our DNA how to build out a network of this type of magnitude."

Chris Marzilli - President, General Dynamics Mission Systems