KIV-78 — Mode 4/Mode 5 IFF Crypto Appliqué

Identification Friend or Foe Crypto Solutions

The KIV-78 is the next generation Type 1 NSA-certified COMSEC for IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) that meets the new DoD standards. KIV-78 provides cryptographic and time-of-day services for a Mark XIIA (Mode 4 and Mode 5) IFF Combined Interrogator/Transponder (CIT), individual interrogator, individual transponder or IFF system deployed to identify cooperative, friendly systems.

  • Appliqué form-factor supports easy removal & storage without host impact
  • Mark XIIA (Mode 4 and Mode 5)
  • AIMS 04-900 compliant, NSA certified
  • Simultaneous Mode 4/5 interrogate and transpond support
  • Software upgradeable


  • Small appliqué design, removal leaves host equipment unclassified
  • Capable of concurrent Mode 4/ Mode 5 operations as well as concurrent interrogator/transponder operations
  • Performs black key management supporting up to three months’ worth of keys for Mode 4 and Mode 5 IFF and stores these keys in encrypted format, allowing black key recovery
  • Capable of both battery powered (Cold Load) and prime powered (Warm Load) key loading via DS-101
  • Compatible with both the CYZ-10, PYQ-10, KIK-20 and other EKMS308/608 compliant DS-101 key load devices
  • Time-of-day services, status reporting, and host key management services
  • KIV-78 interface is specified in the Department of Defense AIM 04-900 document and is NSA-certified


General Specifications

  • AIMS 03-1000
  • AIMS 04-900 Option A
  • STANAG 4193
  • EKMS 308/608
  • MIL-STD-810F
  • MIL-STD-461E


Modes of Operation

General Dynamics’ KIV-78 supports three power modes of operation:

  • Storage Mode — minimum of eight years in benign environments
  • Key Retention (Code Hold/Cold Load) Mode — minimum of six months
  • Prime Power Mode — IR & XP simultaneously


IFF Crypto Support Tools

Emulator: Performs Mode 4 and Mode 5 interrogate and transpond functions that are compliant to 04-900 Option A with respect to interface voltages, waveforms and timing. However, this emulation does not use actual cryptography, and therefore is not a CCI device.

STE: Performs closed box confidence testing on KIV-78 and emulator to verify unit is functional. The STE can also be used to collect crypto status, verify QKEK, check for low battery, and confirm which image versions are loaded.


KIV-78 Crypto Appliqué Datasheet View Document
Modes (all simultaneous) Mode 4: Encrypt/Decrypt
Mode 5: Encrypt/Decrypt
Size & Weight 3.4" x 4.7" in. x 2.1"
24 oz.
Interfaces Mode 4: Legacy video IAW AIMS 97-900
Mode 5: Serial IAW AIMS 04-900 (LVDS standard)
Keying: EKMS 308/608, DS-101, cold load
Temperature -40°C to +91°C (-40°F to +196°F)
Altitude 78,000 feet (23774.4 meters)
Vibration 5 to 50 Hz (20 g’s 90 minutes each axis)
10 to 2000 Hz (0.2 g2/Hz random each axis)
Relative Humidity 0% to 100%
Shock ≥40 g’s 8 ms each axis
Acceleration ≥ 16 g’s
Reliability (MTBF) ≥ 10,000 hours at 91ºC
Power Primary Power Input: +15 Vdc ±1.0 Vdc
Max. Continuous Current: 200 mA
Max. Surge Current: 400 ma (3 sec)
Battery Power: +7.8 Vdc
Normal Code Hold Current: <300 μA
Cold Load Current: <20 mA
Battery Life: >6 months under nominal temperature environment

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