KIV-78 — Mode 4/Mode 5 IFF Crypto Appliqué

Identification Friend or Foe Crypto Solutions

The KIV-78 is the next generation Type 1 NSA-certified COMSEC for IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) that meets the new DoD standards. KIV-78 provides cryptographic and time-of-day services for a Mark XIIA (Mode 4 and Mode 5) IFF Combined Interrogator/Transponder (CIT), individual interrogator, individual transponder or IFF system deployed to identify cooperative, friendly systems.

  • Appliqué form-factor supports easy removal & storage without host impact
  • Mark XIIA (Mode 4 and Mode 5)
  • AIMS 04-900 compliant, NSA certified
  • Simultaneous Mode 4/5 interrogate and transpond support
  • Software upgradeable
  • Features


    • Small appliqué design, removal leaves host equipment unclassified
    • Capable of concurrent Mode 4/ Mode 5 operations as well as concurrent interrogator/transponder operations
    • Performs black key management supporting up to three months’ worth of keys for Mode 4 and Mode 5 IFF and stores these keys in encrypted format, allowing black key recovery
    • Capable of both battery powered (Cold Load) and prime powered (Warm Load) key loading via DS-101
    • Compatible with both the CYZ-10, PYQ-10, KIK-20 and other EKMS308/608 compliant DS-101 key load devices
    • Time-of-day services, status reporting, and host key management services
    • KIV-78 interface is specified in the Department of Defense AIM 04-900 document and is NSA-certified


    General Specifications

    • AIMS 03-1000
    • AIMS 04-900 Option A
    • STANAG 4193
    • EKMS 308/608
    • MIL-STD-810F
    • MIL-STD-461E


    Modes of Operation

    General Dynamics’ KIV-78 supports three power modes of operation:

    • Storage Mode — minimum of eight years in benign environments
    • Key Retention (Code Hold/Cold Load) Mode — minimum of six months
    • Prime Power Mode — IR & XP simultaneously


    IFF Crypto Support Tools

    Emulator: Performs Mode 4 and Mode 5 interrogate and transpond functions that are compliant to 04-900 Option A with respect to interface voltages, waveforms and timing. However, this emulation does not use actual cryptography, and therefore is not a CCI device.

    STE: Performs closed box confidence testing on KIV-78 and emulator to verify unit is functional. The STE can also be used to collect crypto status, verify QKEK, check for low battery, and confirm which image versions are loaded.

  • Specifications


    KIV-78 Crypto Appliqué Datasheet View Document
    Modes (all simultaneous) Mode 4: Encrypt/Decrypt
    Mode 5: Encrypt/Decrypt
    Size & Weight 3.4" x 4.7" in. x 2.1"
    24 oz.
    Interfaces Mode 4: Legacy video IAW AIMS 97-900
    Mode 5: Serial IAW AIMS 04-900 (LVDS standard)
    Keying: EKMS 308/608, DS-101, cold load
    Temperature -40°C to +91°C (-40°F to +196°F)
    Altitude 78,000 feet (23774.4 meters)
    Vibration 5 to 50 Hz (20 g’s 90 minutes each axis)
    10 to 2000 Hz (0.2 g2/Hz random each axis)
    Relative Humidity 0% to 100%
    Shock ≥40 g’s 8 ms each axis
    Acceleration ≥ 16 g’s
    Reliability (MTBF) ≥ 10,000 hours at 91ºC
    Power Primary Power Input: +15 Vdc ±1.0 Vdc
    Max. Continuous Current: 200 mA
    Max. Surge Current: 400 ma (3 sec)
    Battery Power: +7.8 Vdc
    Normal Code Hold Current: <300 μA
    Cold Load Current: <20 mA
    Battery Life: >6 months under nominal temperature environment
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