HOOK2 Combat Search & Rescue Radio (PRC-112G)

Combat survival when every second counts.

Isolated personnel can be located faster using the HOOK2® radio (PRC-112G). The HOOK2 radio has proven reliable in the field, and takes the guesswork out of a Combat Search and Rescue mission. Rescue crews will know exactly where you are because the radios’ encrypted GPS updates every second. The last thing you should have to worry about is your radio failing.

Secure information in just one button press

Terminal Area Communications and Terminal Area Guidance (TAC/TAG)

Software defined and upgradeable

Over 30,000 in operation

HOOK3 Combat Survival Radio

Now Cospas-Sarsat & GPS SAASM Approved, M-Code Upgradeable

Our HOOK3 Combat Survival Radio (CSR) is significantly smaller, lighter and has better power efficiency than previous HOOK2 radios. It includes a new auto-activation feature that automatically transmits location data when G-Force or salt water is detected.

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  • Isolated personnel can be located faster using the PRC-112G CSAR radio. Rescue crews will know exactly where you are because the radios’ encrypted GPS updates every second.
  • Secure, two-way messages and LOS voice provide a low risk of being found by the enemy. Even if GPS is jammed or denied, the rescue aircraft will still receive your secure messages. This is known as TAC/TAG.
  • LOS, SATCOM and 406 SARSAT offer multiple ways for you to contact rescue forces. The PRC-112G communicates Line-Of-Sight to our Quickdraw2® Interrogator or Over-The-Horizon to our SATCOM Base Station.
  • Just press "ON" and the PRC-112G can be interrogated. No other buttons need to be pressed. Rescue crews will still be able to extract your location and information as long as the radio is powered on.
  • Coalition forces to the rescue — with 31 countries using the HOOK2® system, you can also be rescued by coalition partners during multi nation missions.
  • Now Available - Rechargeable Batteries

Current Software Version

PRC-112B1 Radio

  • Appliqué Version 3.6.0
  • Part No. 98-P46844J40301L

PRC-112G Radio

  • Version 3.6.0
  • Part No. 98-P46844J40301L


  • Version 2.15.0
  • Part No. 98-P42022J40201L

GPS-112 Program Loader

  • Version 3.4.0
  • Part No. 98-P42024J40301L

Aeroflex Test Set

  • Version 7.03

Available Now via GSA Contract

GSA Order: 47QTCA21D001L
Schedule #70 • SIN 33411

For assistance, please call 1-800-424-0052.

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PRC-112G Data Sheet



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Frequency Range 121.5, 123.1 MHz; 225–320 MHz; 406 SARSAT
Tuning increments 25 KHz steps (LOS); 5 KHz steps (SATCOM)
Frequency stability ± 1ppm
Modulation AM voice; AM swept-tone beacon; PLS DME; Transponder mode: BPSK/OOK;
HOOK mode: MSK 1200 BPS; SARSAT mode: BPSK; SATCOM mode: BPSK
Data burst 455 ms, without preamble
Operating modes Voice
Swept-tone beacon:
• 121.5 MHz
• 243 MHz
PLS DME transponder
GPS Interrogation
Weight 27.2 oz. (0.78 Kg) w/o battery (typical)
Size (w/ battery, ant. not extended) 7.7 x 3.87 x 2.1 in. (19.56 x 9.83 x 5.33 cm)
Operational temp. –40°C to +55°C; display marginal from –40°C to –30°C
Storage temp. –40°C to +80°C
Battery 1794AS0953A/U
Battery life >4 days, estimated depending on CSAR operational scenario




We currently offer operation and maintenance training for Combat Search and Rescue radio products at our Scottsdale facility, which is conveniently located seven miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. If you’d prefer for us to come to you, Customer Onsite Training is also available: please contact us for a quote.

Training Topics

  • PRC Operation
  • Quickdraw Operation
  • Programming and Maintenance
  • Base Station Operation
  • SARSAT Option Training (module added as required)
  • SATCOM Option Training (module added as required)

For full syllabus details, please download the HOOK2 Systems Operation Training Outline.


Please contact us if you require a formal quote for training class funding.

Classes are scheduled for a maximum of 15 students. General Dynamics Mission Systems reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any course due to low enrollment, schedule conflicts, or other reason beyond our control. Changes will be announced a minimum of two weeks prior to the published course date being canceled or changed.

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Video: Watch Our HOOK3 Combat Survival Radio Auto-Activate in Salt Water

March 15, 2022
If a pilot is forced to eject, the HOOK3 Combat Survival Radio transmits encrypted location data in short bursts, reducing the risk of interception or detection. This new feature is automatically activated when the radio detects salt water or excessive G-force.

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