Expeditionary Fast Transport (EPF)

JHSV-1 USS Spearhead on Africa Deployment - April 2015

Integrating the EPF's Whole Ship Electronic Systems

General Dynamics Mission Systems, as a subcontractor to Austal, provides computing infrastructure and mission systems integration for the Expeditionary Fast Transport (EPF) program, which supports U.S. soldiers and sailors in traditional logistics missions, humanitarian support projects, disaster response and maritime law enforcement activities.

Versatile, Fast and Maneuverable

Expeditionary Fast Transports (EPFs) are catamarans designed to be fast, flexible and maneuverable, even in shallow waters. EPFs are capable of supporting joint forces in traditional logistics missions, humanitarian support projects, disaster response, and maritime law enforcement activities. With new capabilities under development, including successful fleet experiments with multiple aerial and undersea systems, including the Knifefish surface mine countermeasure (SMCM) unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV), EPFs will support warfighters needs now and in the future.

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Maritime Surface Systems - EPF

Built on General Dynamics Technology

General Dynamics Mission Systems designs, integrates and tests the Expeditionary Fast Transport's electronic mission systems, including the backbone computing infrastructure, internal and external communication, electronic navigation, aviation and armament systems. Our capabilities are enhanced by our integration experience and innovative computing infrastructure deployed on the Littoral Combat Ship program.

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