The fifth domain

Confidence in Your Digital World

The Cyber Domain crosses and integrates with all domains - Land, Sea, Air and Space. We’re designing, building and delivering products rapidly to strengthen the mission and help our customers successfully navigate the cyber ecosystem.

Cyber has evolved into being the most dynamic, fast-paced and unpredictable domain. And we’ve changed how we deliver capabilities and confidence to the mission – faster and with more insight to withstand the unknown that our customers face in the digital world.

Mike Tweed-Kent, Vice President and General Manager of Cyber and Electronic Warfare Systems

Protecting The Nation's Critical Information

Encryption is both the first and last line of defense in the protection of the enterprise network.

Platform Security

Discover how we're revolutionizing authorized access to secure information.

Modern Data Security

Modern Data Security

Discover how we’re providing organizations with the ability to designate security controls that are retained with the data, regardless of where the data travels across the enterprise, cloud, and mobile environments.

Integrated Cyber & Electronic Warfare

Products designed to help users quickly detect, identify and track a wide range of signals in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Secure Mobile

Protected access to voice, data and applications anytime, anywhere.

Unified Cyber Defense

Explore how our products and solutions can defend your organization's critical networks.

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Featured Products

CYBER TACDS sm Resized


Tactical Cross Domain Solution

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Full Spectrum Classification with Automation

CYBER Taclane flex resized


The World's Most Widely Deployed Encryptors

CYBER Sectera Viper Phone Resized

Sectéra vIPer

Universal Secure Phone for VoIP & Analog Networks

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