Disruptive Radio Technologies

Accelerating Future Radio Capabilities

In today’s modern battlefield, the U.S. military needs to maintain networked communications in and under contested and congested electromagnetic spectrum environments. They need non-traditional waveforms and technologies that are less detectable and susceptible to interference and jamming attempts of the radio’s transmission by adversaries. To respond to these needs, our experts build new radios and waveforms and quickly get them into the hands of soldiers.

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Custom-Built Small, Simple & Adaptable Radios

Waveforms for software-defined radios often cost to much and take too long. General Dynamics is quickly responding to warfighter needs by conducting rapid prototyping and testing services of key domain technologies that lead to affordable radio-waveform-network modernization.

URC-300 LOS Transceiver With Operator 6

Our Approach

To meet the challenges of delivering reliable technology quickly in a changing environment, we focus on continuous integration and deployment with a DevOps approach for radio and waveform:

  • Shorter development and integration cycles
  • More reliable operation
  • Increased deployment
  • Near continuous integration and test (I&T)
  • Agile alignment to meet customer’s rapidly evolving needs
  • Portability, upgradeability and extensibility from the start
  • Ability to rapidly conduct multiple try-and-adapt cycles

Introducing the Shadowcat™ Radio – Resilient Communications for Contested Environments

The new Shadowcat radio is a modern, affordable, resilient radio for squad level communications in contested environments. The radio’s advanced RF technology minimizes the susceptibility to jamming and interference of the radio’s transmission by adversaries. As additional Shadowcats are added to the network, they work together offering the resilience of distributed cooperative beamforming that increases the effective signal power, increases communication range, and provides directional diversity to overcome physical obstructions, e.g. foliage, buildings, and jamming. This provides highly robust and resilient communication for contested environments.



The DiRT DOGS® Disruptive Radios Team is an innovative startup venture within General Dynamics Mission Systems that is organized to be focused, agile and responsive.

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Proven Legacy of Software Defined Radios and Waveforms

Below is a sample of the radios and waveforms the DiRT DOGS personnel have developed and maintained.

Software Defined Radios


  • UHF SATCOM – U.S. Navy
  • Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) – U.S. Navy
  • Wideband Networking Waveform (WNW) – U.S. Army
  • Blue Force Tracking (BFT) 2 – U.S. Army
  • AM - Ground-to-Air
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