Tactical Ground Reporting System (TIGR)

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Tactical Peer-to-Peer Communication

With over 86,000 plus users worldwide, TIGR has strengthened information sharing between Company Commanders and Platoon Leaders. A common operational picture can now be shared between units on the ground in operations such as Afghanistan, Kuwait, Horn of Africa, and Europe.

Web-Based Information Management at the Lowest Tactical Level

General Dynamics, in partnership with Project Manager Joint Battle Command-Platform (JBC-P), is fielding the Tactical Ground Reporting System (TIGR) system. TIGR is an information-centric solution that empowers users to collect, share and analyze data using a Google® Earth like interface backed by network distribution that is resilient to the tactical network challenges. It was developed in line with what Soldiers operating at Company and below needed to increase combat effectiveness across the full spectrum of operations.

TIGR breaks from the traditional hierarchical, bottom-up filtered information flow of reporting, and instead builds on the successes of direct peer-to-peer collaboration. Its collaborative environment provides a unique multimedia solution using graphics, high resolution imagery, line of sight tools, and a searchable database to support the full spectrum of operations (plan, prepare, execute and assess).

Since its initial fielding in November 2007 and with over 86,000 plus users worldwide, TIGR has not only strengthened information sharing between Company Commanders and Platoon Leaders, but has allowed a common operational picture to be shared between units on the ground. The TIGR footprint includes operations in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Horn of Africa, and Europe and requires little training time to learn how to use the application. It supports network awareness and policy flexibility by providing the ability to share and distribute data from geographically-dispersed Companies through an application overlay on to the tactical network.

TIGR has evolved into a Family of Systems (FoS) to better support distribution of data from geographically dispersed units using various platforms who require network awareness and policy flexibility. The TIGR FoS includes the following offerings:

  • TIGR CP CE – Supports the Command Post (CP) Computing Environment (CE) and interfaces with other Army systems
  • TIGR Company CP – Supports Warfighters in the Company on laptops with TIGR resident or client access to a TIGR system
  • TIGR Mounted – Supports vehicle platforms requiring only touch screen devices
  • TIGR Supporting Joint Battle Command - Platform (JBC-P) – Supports ASCOPE information on JBC-P platforms
  • TIGR Co-hosted in Joint Capabilities Release (JCR) Vehicle – Supports TIGR information on JCR platforms
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