Interviewing At General Dynamics

Preparing for a General Dynamics Interview

Advice from Across the Table

Hiring Managers from across our business outline their top tips for candidates who make it to the interview process.

First of all, relax; we want your interview to go just as well as you do!


Use these tips as a guide to how you can prepare for your interview.

  • Our interviews are behavioral based, consisting of open ended questions to evaluate your technical abilities, work experience and behavioral traits.
  • Be familiar with General Dynamics Mission Systems, have an understanding of our mission and vision and what we do.
  • Know the requirements of the job for which you are applying. Be able to explain how you meet and exceed these requirements.
  • Find a way to fill the hiring managers need with some of your other skills. Explain this to your interviewer, don't put yourself in a box. Use every opportunity to help yourself stand out and sell your skills.
  • Bring examples of any (non-proprietary) work products, writing samples, etc. that you have.
  • If you are applying for a technical job such as a software or systems engineer, be prepared to answer technical questions. (i.e. software development)
  • Come prepared with questions for your interviewer and make sure that you ask them.
  • Turn your experience into stories. Explain how what you did in the past relates to what you can do for us.
  • For Veterans: have 7-9 "success stories" that can help you explain how your military experience relates to a corporate job.
  • Be on time. One of our hiring managers informed that she is always in the lobby 15 minutes prior to an interview to see when the candidate arrives.
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