Systems Engineering Architect Leadership Program


General Dynamics Mission Systems values training and the development of experienced engineers. The Systems Engineering Architect Leadership Program (SEAL) aims to accelerate the development of senior-level system architects who can envision, communicate and drive technical solutions that leverage the full breadth of our capabilities, advance customer missions and deliver business commitments to the organization.

What The Program Includes:


  • Leadership training
  • Online graduate-level courses
  • Extensive networking opportunities
  • On-the-job training
  • Four-course graduate certificate

What To Expect

General Dynamics Engineers in Meeting

Career Development

  • Advanced leadership training
  • Projects and presentations with senior leadership
  • Cross facility/site exposure with extensive networking opportunities
  • Focus on engineers who are middle and senior level system architects
  • Participants are hand-selected for the program via a formal nomination process
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Training Opportunities

  • Quarterly leadership training
  • Instructor-led training classes
  • A four-course graduate program with graduate certificate from Stevens Institute of Technology
  • On-the-job training experiences
General Dynamics Engineering Leadership Program Volunteer

Volunteer Activities

We take pride in our employees’ community involvement and volunteerism. Some ways to volunteer in our community include:

  • United Way
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Red Cross Blood Drives
  • School Backpack Drives
  • STEAM Education Outreach
  • Military Family Supply Drives
SEAL Program LEAD Award

In 2020, the Systems Engineering Architect Leadership Program was awarded 2nd place for the prestigious LEAD Award sponsored by Best Experienced Senior Leadership Program. The annual LEAD award recognizes outstanding internal leadership programs globally and throughout all industries that are the front runners for innovation and best practices in leadership development.


Raj Shah Seal Testimonial

Raj Shah

Senior Principal Human Systems Engineer, SEAL Class of 2017-2018

“The most obvious benefit has been the opportunity to build and reinforce strong connections with an amazing network of talent. General Dynamics Mission Systems provides several ways for employees to develop these relationships. Without these programs in place, there would be less opportunity for the exchange of ideas, technology and basic ways of doing things, which is essential to maintaining our culture.”

Allison Mead Testimonial

Allison Mead

Deputy Program Manager of Engineering (DPME), SEAL Class of 2021-2022

“In addition to the technical and leadership knowledge gained through trainings and academic courses, graduating from the SEAL program broadened my perspective and increased my awareness of the business and how we make strategic decisions. I have a better appreciation for not only the work that we do, but also how we manage, track, and invest in that work. As a SEAL, you’re able to take advantage of a high volume of special project exposure in a short amount of time and you have the flexibility to create unique opportunities for yourself. The long-lasting relationships made within the cohort, with the program leadership team, and with mentors has led to invaluable knowledge transfer and collaboration opportunities that would not have been possible without this program.”

Kyle Krueger SEAL Testimonial

Kyle Krueger

Advanced Systems Engineer, SEAL Class of 2018-2019

“The SEAL program is important to General Dynamics Mission Systems as a way to build bridges across the various sites and business units – in the end to make us more than just a sum of our parts. There is tremendous capability and intellectual capital across the organization, but it can be difficult to leverage that capability or even know it exists. Simply put, the SEAL program is a seed, part of growing that network of professionals that can reach across the entire business to find the best, most effective, lowest risk solutions for our customers.”

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