Space & Intelligence Systems Line of Business

NASA - Orion Satellite

High-Reliability Solutions Supporting Space, Intelligence, Defense And International Missions.

Every day, General Dynamics Mission Systems pushes the extreme edges of engineering and science to design the next generation of Spaceborne technology, to advance Earth-to-Spacecraft communications for future missions to Mars and to improve the ground systems responsible for spacecraft and satellite network operations. We're also bringing new satellites and systems to the launch pad, like the James Webb Space Telescope, LUCY, the first space mission to study Jupiter's Trojan asteroids and Landsat 9.

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When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon, an S-Band Transponder built by General Dynamics was the only communications link the Apollo 11 Astronauts had to Earth. From Apollo 11 to the Next Giant Leap, explore how we support NASA Missions.

Within the realm of our expertise in Intelligence Systems is helping the nation’s intelligence community find new, innovative and faster ways to deliver actionable intelligence to warfighters for a decisive advantage. We also work closely with customers to provide soldiers with tactical signals intelligence and electronic warfare systems.

Intelligence, Threat and Analytic Solutions (ITAS)

General Dynamics Mission Systems’ Intelligence, Threat and Analytic Solutions (ITAS) is a trusted partner that enables intelligence, defense and law enforcement customers to rapidly and accurately collect, detect, analyze information while deterring threats. ITAS draws on a dedicated team of engineers, subject matter experts and data scientists to offer four Centers of Excellence. Each center is focused on understanding our customer’s unique mission needs and developing innovative and tailored solutions to meet their ever-changing needs. We do this by creating a collaborative, trusted environment that grows stronger as they address and take on the ever-changing landscape of tomorrow’s challenges.

Our Centers of Excellence

  • High Performance Computing
  • Mission Management
  • Multi-INT
  • Threat Management
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Space - Satellite Ground Systems - MUOS

Satellite Ground Systems and Operations

Connecting satellites, manned and unmanned spacecraft to Earth, relaying data from millions of miles into the universe back to scientists and mission controllers on the ground is what we do for NASA and government agencies. Our customers depend on us to keep information flowing and the nation’s satellites and spacecraft on track, from design, engineering and testing before launch, to on-orbit testing and long-term mission operations and management.


Satellite Ground Systems

Satellite Operations & Engineering Services

NASA - Orion Satellite

Space Electronics and Communications

Before NASA was formed, General Dynamics space radios and electronics were aboard the earliest U.S. space missions. Neil Armstrong’s message from the Moon, images from the Mars Rovers and signals from the Voyager spacecraft, that has crossed into interstellar space were designed, built and delivered by our space electronics and communications team.

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Mission Payloads

General Dynamics Mission Systems develops the mission payloads that provide the sensitive information that our warfighters simply cannot get from any other source. Customers come to General Dynamics for mission payloads because we actively innovate new digital solutions and technologies focused on our customers’ mission.

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Signals Intelligence - Prophet Vehicles

Tactical ISR and RF Intelligence Systems

To support the mission of our defense and government customers, our Tactical ISR and RF Intelligence organization leverages the most advanced technologies and systems to gather, identify and disrupt electronic warfare and signals-based threats to U.S. military personnel, the nation’s citizens and our allies around the world.

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Leadership - Manny Mora Leadership Bio Pic - Image

Manny Mora

Manny Mora is vice president and general manager of Space and Intelligence Systems for General Dynamics Mission Systems. He is responsible for the delivery of strategic programs that include systems for space-based operations, satellite payloads, intelligence systems, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) for the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Intelligence community and military and government organizations worldwide.

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