Quantum Engineering

Turning Science Fiction Into Real-World Solutions

Quantum holds the keys to disruptive and innovative leaps in future products and applications; including truly secure communications, faster computer processing and enhanced signal detection. Our engineers are creating quantum technology that gives our customers the edge, on Earth and in Space.

At General Dynamics Mission Systems, we’re turning science fiction into quantum-engineered solutions by investing in quantum technology, expanding our laboratory, growing our workforce, leveraging partners and academia and leading the way in quantum breakthroughs.

The Advantages of Quantum

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Communications & Networking

What is it?

Using single and entangled states of photons to encode and transmit information.

Why is that important?

Communications and networks utilizing quantum have added security, improved sensitivity to detect network intruders, extended signal range and increased resistance to signal interference and jamming.

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What is it?

Using quantum states of photons and matter to perform ultra-sensitive measurements of electromagnetic fields, inertial displacement, acceleration and time.

Why is that important?

Quantum sensing will enable next-generation applications such as GPS-independent PNT, suppressing signal noise, enhanced optical and RF sensing and better detection and more precise location of enemy targets.

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What is it?

Using quantum bits — such as single photons, metastable spin states in atoms and ions, and magnetic field states in superconducting current loops — to build quantum gates, and other computational structures that leverage superposition and entanglement.

Why is that important?

Quantum computing holds the potential of dramatically speeding up processing and provide solutions to classes of complex problems that are currently beyond what classical computers are capable of handling. This can include real-time spectrum management in large-scale, dynamic, heterogenous networks, real-time broadband signal analysis, material and pharmaceutical design, real-time prediction of weather and market behavior and trends.

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What is it?

Using un-cloneable single and entangled states of photons to symmetrically generate and distribute physically secure keys to use in encrypting information via a one-time-pad algorithm.

Why is that important?

Quantum cryptography will enable ways to protect sensitive information from eavesdropping, and the full power of quantum computers, which may in time be able to break current authentication and encryption protocols.

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Quantum is what we do.

Our quantum researchers are paving the way for new discoveries and quantum breakthroughs. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you communicate faster and more securely.

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