General Dynamics Mission Systems recently completed a successful field trial of the Fortress LTE system for the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI). The Fortress LTE system provided a mobile wireless coverage area enabling system performance measurements to be taken including coverage, throughput and mobility, enabling information to be sent via commercial devices such as smartphones, computers and tablets.


The primary purpose of the measurements was to study range and throughput of LTE below 1 GHz, when both the base station and the user equipment were installed in vehicles with roof-top, omnidirectional antennas. In addition, some measurements were performed against commercial handheld smartphones. Most measurements were performed outdoor in forest terrain.

According to the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, “the LTE trial was very successful and the General Dynamics’ Fortress LTE tactical solution performed to our expectations, without any need to intervene or reconfigure the system”. After only one day of training, the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment was operational and able to carry out performance tests. No field or remote technical support was required because the system is designed for ease-of-use in tactical environments. The technology assessment allowed the themto become more familiar with Fortress LTE, conduct hands-on tests of the system and further assess potential options to use Fortress LTE in the tactical environment.