The Soldier's Network - Inside the Army: Army Streamlines WIN-T Architecture To Regain Space in Stryker Vehicles

The Army is working to respond to feedback from soldiers on the system that provides the service’s network and communications backbone and has tackled several key concerns, according to the deputy product manager for Warfighter Information Network-Tactical Increment 2.

Patrick DeGroodt told Inside the Army in an Aug. 23 interview that soldiers identified “a series of places where we could improve the integration” of WIN-T onto the Stryker vehicle. These included three core issues: the footprint of the system was so large that it necessitated removing two seats from the Stryker; the satellite communications antenna was mounted at a height that limited visibility and raised the profile of the vehicle; and the location of the display was not optimal.

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Source: Courtney McBride, “Army Streamlines WIN-T Architecture to Regain Space in Stryker Vehicles,” Inside The Army, 8/26/2016