Up, Up, and Away!

The proven capabilities of General Dynamics Mission Systems 4G LTE Deployable Network were on display during the most recent Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. The largest such event in the world, the Balloon Fiesta attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators to witness the launch of hundreds of hot-air balloons by teams from around the world over a nine-day period. The deployable cellular network provides public safety officials with reliable communications that are not disrupted by hundreds of thousands of spectators whose personal cell phones often overwhelm local cellular networks.

Whether in a regular, non-emergency situation or during an emergency, communications and real-time situational awareness for public safety officials are vital. Relying solely on local or commercial cellular networks can be unreliable when public safety personnel need guaranteed connectivity the most. To prevent this, New Mexico Department of Information Technology depends on the General Dynamics 4G LTE Deployable Network.




I used it today to find a lost kid, says Albuquerque Public Safety Manager Allen Tetreault. I texted a picture out with her name and age to all of our units. An ALS unit texted back a moms cell phone picture and we were able to reunite them within ten minutes.

That is the power of General Dynamics connectivity.


Our Cell On Wheels, which New Mexico purchased through a grant from the National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA) Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP), provides the link for public safety officials to be constantly connected through text and picture messaging and push to talk capabilities. The State of New Mexicos Spectrum Manager Lease Agreement with FirstNet facilitated the states use the Band Class 14 FirstNet frequencies during the event. Beyond providing 4G LTE coverage of the entire park, agencies can also view real-time maps of responders locations to streamline operations. Combining these capabilities gives public safety officials the upper hand to direct resources and personnel to an exact location, for any situation, in a moments notice.



Editors note: In addition to our Public Safety LTE Network, General Dynamics partner Senspex hosted a demonstration of our VZ-750 Multi-Sensor Camera System at the Anderson-Abruzzo Balloon Museum during the Fiesta in Albuquerque. The thermal imaging camera was on display for guests to view IR images of the balloon launches on October 9th. This VZ-750 camera has the ability to detect balloons over 75 miles away. Learn more about our Camera Systems here.