Watch our Cineflex camera in action as the Brain Farm production crew travels through Yellowstone national park trying to film Bison during the rut. (Video Credit: Nat Geo Wild Channel)

To capture breathtaking images of the World’s First National Park, National Geographic producers had to brave the elements with our Cineflex camera. In this excerpt from his article on filming the documentary, Rob Owen describes how crews were able to use a Cineflex camera to film a bighorn sheep rut. Watch “Wild Yellowstone” this Sunday, December 6 at 9 p.m. EST on Nat Geo Wild.

Explore ‘Wild Yellowstone’ on Nat Geo Wild

By Rob Owen, Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette


Cineflex Camera Films Wild Yellowstone Documentary


To capture the breathtaking images in Sunday’s premiere of documentary “Wild Yellowstone” (9 p.m. Sunday, Nat Geo Wild), producer Tom Stephens said crews had to brave the elements.

“We’re bringing this hybrid of action sports cinematography and putting it into natural history, and that was really different,” Stephens said, noting the difficulty of that approach. “It was actually our very first shoot, filming the bighorn sheep rut. And that was negative 20 [degrees]. We had Curt operating a Cineflex, which is a stabilized camera mounted on a crane mounted in a vehicle. And then we had highspeed guys, highresolution guys all trying to capture this rut, all communicating to each other to film it like a sports event. And pulling that off is just so challenging when the animals might not even do their thing. So just being in the right location, but then adding all that complexity to it to bring a new level of cinematography that makes you feel immersed and really want to be next to these animals was one of our best achievements.”

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Source:Rob Owen, “Explore ‘Wild Yellowstone’ On Nat Geo Wild,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette, 12/3/2015