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In a recent article with Bloomberg Business, vice president and general manager Nadia Short discussed the critical importance of keeping pace with the cycle of technology enabling General Dynamics Mission Systems to deliver products and solutions that our customers need and when they need it.

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The Pentagon Is Taking Bids for the Digital Future of Defense Contracting

By Chris Strohm, Bloomberg Business

[T]he Defense Department is in the midst of building a Cyber Mission Force with 133 teams and about 6,200 military, civilian and contractor personnel. The force is expected to be fully operational by 2018, but teams are being employed as they're built, according to Cyber Command.

The teams are being designed to defend defense networks, support combatant commands and, if necessary, protect the U.S. and its interests against cyberattacks of significant consequence, according to a statement from the command.

The contract will allow work orders to be issued as needed, providing the agility needed to respond to hacking threats and to carry out operations, said Nadia Short, vice president and general manager of the cyber systems line of business with General Dynamics Mission Systems.

“Development cycles don't take a year now; they take weeks or months. You do need to stay ahead of the bow wave here. As we've tried to make our world more simple, we've actually made it more complex.” – Nadia Short, General Dynamics Mission Systems

Source: Chris Strohm, “The Pentagon Is Taking Bids for the Digital Future of Defense Contracting,” Bloomberg Business, 10/28/2015