Our eNodeBlue Technology Front and Center at APCO 2014

When thousands of public safety communications professionals from across the country gathered in New Orleans, Louisiana recently for APCO's 80th annual conference and expo, they were able to see firsthand our state-of-the-art Evolved Node B, otherwise known as the eNodeBlue. This technology was the showcase of the General Dynamics Mission Systems exhibition because it is the most essential element behind our cutting edge 4G LTE network and will play a key role as FirstNet communications systems are built throughout the country.

The eNodeBlue uses an open architecture system that for the first time will allow any vendor using any device operating on the designated Band Class to connect to a 4G LTE public safety network. It is fully FirstNet-compatible and can be deployed on a tower, building rooftop, equipment room, shelter, or outdoor cabinet, such as a deployable Cell On Wheels (COW). The flexibility of the eNodeBlue provides first responders with high-speed network coverage to enable voice, video, data, text, and chat, anytime and anywhere, at their fingertips.

What creates the General Dynamics difference from our competitors is in the fine details. The eNodeBlue is created in the smallest form factor, it is lightweight, produces low noise, provides high uplink service and is very flexible to bring our customers the latest and greatest in 4G LTE technology. One of the many factors that also sets the eNodeBlue apart from the competition is that it is affordable and ruggedized using a hardened water and dust resistant enclosure to ensure communication for first responders regardless of the environment. All too often, our first responders are deployed in situations such as the aftermath of natural disasters where the physical terrain presents a very challenging communications environment but also where coordinated communication is critical. The eNodeBlue can be mounted on a deployable vehicle and transported into even the most challenging environments.

At General Dynamics, we are proud to be a thought leader in the field of public safety communications. Using our state-of-the-art eNodeBlue technology, the Adams County (Colorado) Communications Center (ADCOM911) and General Dynamics took the first step in deploying a nationwide, high-speed network dedicated solely to first responders. This is the first system of its kind to go live and has become the standard for deploying 4G LTE public safety networks across the USA.

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