Cinematographers and directors can now leverage 4K, 6K and Super 35 cameras and formats to deliver the clarity, precision and high-definition quality audiences demand.

FAIRFAX, Va. – General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies announced that the upgraded Cineflex HiDEF stabilized camera system now has the option to be integrated with a RED Dragon or ARRI ALEXA XT M camera, in addition to the previously available Sony HDC-2500 camera. With the ability to choose from three best-in-class cameras, customers are able to meet the growing demand from audiences for ultra-high-definition (HD) television, theatre and IMAX viewing experiences.

“Technology moves fast and we are constantly integrating the best possible components into our Cineflex family of camera systems to deliver quality and innovation directly to our customers,” said Carlo Zaffanella, vice president and general manager responsible for the Cineflex product family. “With our eyes toward the future, these updates to the Cineflex HiDEF help our customers bring the proven performance of Cineflex camera systems to large-format productions.”

Current Cineflex HiDEF owners also have the option to upgrade their legacy camera systems to the new design, including a complete system refresh to factory standards. This option helps current HiDEF customers leverage their investment, upgrading the system with the latest ultra-HD and HD cameras to capture viewers’ imaginations.

The new Cineflex HiDEF represents the first 4K camera system available in the Cineflex family of products, allowing cinematographers to take digital productions to an entirely new level. The enhanced system design incorporates fiber-optic technology to ensure compatibility with ultra-HD formats and enable the continued expansion of the system. With its five-axis, gyro-stabilized assembly, the HiDEF provides exceptional range performance with unmatched precision and stability, even in the harshest of environments. The reliable operation and proven performance of the HiDEF coupled with the new ultra-HD capabilities will allow customers to deliver creative excellence and technical innovation to audiences worldwide.

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