FAIRFAX, Va. – General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies is combining its Cineflex Media stabilized camera system with Sony’s HDC-2400 high-definition (HD) camera technology to ensure image quality and system flexibility for broadcast television applications. With the HDC-2400 integrated into the compact, 5-axis stabilized Cineflex gimbal system, the Cineflex Media will allow electronic news-gathering (ENG) users to broadcast precise HD imagery to a larger audience.

The HDC-2400 is a multi-format camera that, in addition to the 1080i HD format previously available with the Cineflex Media, provides users with the ability to capture 720p HD imagery at 50 frames per second (fps) and 60fps. The HDC-2400 also improves flexibility on transmission capability of 1080 50p/60p signals through 3G (3Gbps) fiber and an available option to be equipped with an HD wireless transmission system.

“After a decade of proven performance and innovation, we remain committed to the continued growth and development of all of our Cineflex systems,” said Bob McGill, vice president and general manager of General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies. “The recently enhanced Cineflex Media will allow us to reach a new and diverse broadcast and electronic news-gathering audience and deliver quality high-definition imagery into more homes worldwide.”

Through the integration of best-in-class cameras and lenses with its 5-axis gyro-stabilized technology, the Cineflex Media provides smooth shots and precision pointing in harsh environments and in turbulent conditions. The system is available with interchangeable telephoto and super-telephoto lens options to ensure system flexibility and image quality at long-range.

More information about Cineflex camera systems is available online at www.cineflex.com.

The Cineflex family of high-definition camera systems is delivered by General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies, a provider of high-performance camera systems and components. For more information about General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies, a division of General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems please visit http://www.gd-imaging.com.

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