Breakthrough radar technology enables one XSTAR radar system to simultaneously track multiple objects in-flight, with higher accuracy than todays instrumentation radar systems.

General Dynamics C4 Systems and STAR Dynamics Corporation recently demonstrated an XSTAR instrumentation radar systems ability to track the launch and flight of a multi-stage test missile. With unprecedented detail, the highly accurate tracking information captured and recorded by the XSTAR system is critical to engineers, scientists and others responsible for developing and testing airborne products and weapons systems traveling at very high speeds, including munitions, rockets, missiles, bombs and aircraft.

General Dynamics and STAR Dynamics are working together to cost-effectively modernize instrumentation radar systems on military and government test ranges worldwide. Combining advanced radar systems from STAR Dynamics with General Dynamics precision manufacturing and highly efficient logistics and maintenance support, XSTAR instrumentation radar systems deliver greater test-data accuracy and detail, and reduced system implementation and maintenance costs.

"The XSTAR system revolutionizes the instrumentation and data collection capabilities for ranges responsible for testing airborne products and weapon systems using next-generation radar systems," said Chris Marzilli, president of General Dynamics C4 Systems. "This one system performs the job of multiple radar systems, which makes the XSTAR radar an extremely cost-effective choice for test ranges modernizing their capabilities."

For the demonstration, the XSTAR radar successfully tracked a test missile traveling more than 5,000 mph through all three stages of deployment. The XSTAR radar tracked and recorded the various stages of the missiles launch, separation of the first and second stage boosters and payload deployment, as well as debris that separated from the missile.

"This successful demonstration benchmarks an exciting new chapter in STAR Dynamics long history of developing and delivering leading-edge instrumentation radar technology," said Dr. R. Jerry Jost, president and chief operating officer of STAR Dynamics. "Working with General Dynamics, we can significantly reduce the cost of test range operations while significantly improving the quantity and quality of the data collected during an evaluation."

The XSTAR radar system can track and collect detailed test data on one or more flying objects that require time, space and position measurements used for system test and evaluation. XSTAR radar systems revolutionary design and advanced software-based architecture incorporates commercial off-the-shelf equipment, which enables individual radar systems to be customized based on a users needs, and easily and cost-effectively updated to accommodate evolving signal processing technologies.


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