General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems has created a new organization, General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies, to deliver high-performance imaging solutions to defense, homeland security, law enforcement and commercial customers worldwide. Building on its unique portfolio of electro-optical infrared (EO/IR) cameras, precision optical components, motion control products and stabilized high-definition (HD) gimbals, General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems is now able to offer integrated solutions to the most-demanding customer challenges for long-range infrared and high-definition imaging systems.

The sophisticated solutions offered by General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies are found in applications that demand the finest optical surfaces, highest accuracy image stabilization and tightest motion control tolerances, such as remotely operated weapons systems, long-range surveillance cameras and highly precise imaging telescopes. Customers include U.S. military, homeland security and law enforcement agencies, international customers requiring aerial and perimeter surveillance applications, systems integrators and broadcast and film production companies.

As we continue to expand on General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies programs, products and solutions, customers will benefit from our more fully integrated portfolio of end-to-end imagery offerings, said Lou Von Thaer, president of General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems.

The acquisition of Axsys Technologies in 2009 expanded General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems portfolio of offerings to include high-performance EO/IR camera systems and components, and also offers a platform for introducing advanced new technologies from across the General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems business.

"As we establish this new division, we are building on decades of experience in providing reliable, high-precision optics and camera systems to our customers," said Bob McGill, vice president and general manager of General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies. "This heritage of customer service and innovation will continue at General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies as we produce innovative new capabilities such as our IronSight camera systems that enhance the warfighters ability to perform their missions successfully and more efficiently."

General Dynamics will also introduce a new naming convention for its cameras, camera systems and pan/tilt systems to allow customers to more easily identify the proven solutions that meet their mission needs. General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies will also continue the production of the Cineflex brand of cameras that have been utilized in productions such as the BBC’s Planet Earth, the opening and closing ceremonies at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics and countless motion pictures and television shows.

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