Filmmakers Alastair Forthergill and Mark Linfield Again Turn to Axsys’ Cineflex to Capture the Wonders of Nature on Film

When Filmmakers Alastair Forthergill and Mark Linfield set out to film Walt Disney’s “Earth,” they knew they needed the most advanced aerial camera technology available. In order to capture wildlife in its truest form, the team required a camera capable of filming subjects without upsetting the tranquility of nature while providing viewers with unparalleled clarity.

The filmmakers turned to Connecticut-based Axsys Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:AXYS) and its Cineflex V14 HD Camera System. In a recent interview with National Public Radio, Forthergill conveyed the significance of the Cineflex system in the making of the film. “The Cineflex is so stabilized that we can film from a kilometer away and get rock steady shots – even close up – so we can be a long way from the elephants and they have no idea they’re being filmed,” said Forthergill during a Fresh Air interview broadcast April 22, 2009. “Even a couple of years ago, the best you could do was to get a wobbly shot from the air, or shoot from a tripod on the ground. This camera is absolutely revolutionary and as a result, we can now show people undisturbed animal behavior.”

The first in the Disney Nature Series, “Earth” was released on Earth Day and follows the lives of three animal families as they journey across the planet. Forthergill, again utilizing the V14 system, also directed the TV series “The Blue Planet” and “Deep Blue” a feature-length version which achieved both critical and box-office success for its outstanding cinematography. He is also the creative visionary behind the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning 11-part series “Planet Earth,” which he executive produced.

“Our camera systems are designed to provide the most stable and clear images in the industry,” said Aled Miles, Vice President and General Manager of Axsys’ Stabilized Camera Systems Group. “We are extremely gratified that filmmakers around the world are using our Cineflex stabilized camera systems to enhance the visual impact of their storytelling.”

The V14 owes its stability to its 5-axis gyro-stabilization system which provides superior image stability compared to traditional 2-axis stabilized systems. Unparalleled stability, high image quality and ease of use have made it the system of choice for military and law enforcement officials as well as the entertainment industry. In addition to Earth, Axsys Cineflex cameras have been utilized by the film and broadcast industry to provide stunning aerial photography for a wide range of sports, feature films and television productions.

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