Blue Tick Global Tracking System

This Product Has Been Discontinued

The Blue Tick system enables tracking of remote assets via the Iridium® satellite system utilizing the DoD Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services (EMSS) gateway. It employs hardware and software enhancements to the Iridium handset and user-installed tracking station software on a COTS PC. The Blue Tick system consists of tracking devices and a Windows® PC based Tracking Station. The devices are based on the Iridium 9505A handset with modified software and a custom module containing a GPS receiver. The Tracking Station is a Windows PC based custom software application which can be hosted on a variety of hardware platforms.

  • Global tracking via DoD EMSS Gateway
  • Central and mobile tracking station options
  • Supports brevity codes and distress mode

Product Details

This product has been discontinued. Please contact us to learn about alternatives or to receive support. 

The Blue Tick device is based on a modified Iridium® Subscriber Unit (ISU) handset. Hardware modification consists of a GPS module attached to a 9505A handset providing it with built-in GPS capability. Software modifications include the addition of the Blue Tick software and the addition of the Blue Tick menus. The tracking device is capable of operating off rechargeable batteries or may be connected to an external AC or DC power source. Each device has a unique identification that will be sent with every transmission. This ensures that each location report, brevity code, free text message, or distress signal can be uniquely traced to the appropriate device. The device will also accept a unique key for encrypting the user data with the AES encryption algorithm using a 256 bit key.

  • Track remote assets with the Iridium® satellite system. You will know exactly where your personnel and mobile assets are using an Iridium 9505A handset and Windows® PC.
  • Automatic GPS reports — instantly find out UTC time, date, latitude/longitude, speed and direction of the asset you are tracking.
  • Send text messages, brevity codes and distress messages. Two-way communications allow you to send messages between tracking stations and mobile assets in the same way you would send a text on a cell phone.
  • Mapping software on the tracking stations shows you where assets are and lets you forward on that information to other tracking stations.

Modes of Operation

Although the primary purpose of Blue Tick is the tracking of mobile assets, the system also supports limited bi-directional communications in the form of brevity codes and free text messages between tracking stations and the mobile assets. Messages can be sent to a group of mobile assets or directed to a single mobile asset.

Blue Tick Mode is entered via a menu selection on the Iridium handset. Once selected, all the features of the Blue Tick system are available. To enable the Blue Tick capability, the user selects “Blue Tick” in the menu on the Iridium handset. However, if the user releases Blue Tick Mode by selecting “Exit” in the menu, all calling features of the Iridium handset are available, enabling Iridium global secure voice communication if desired. Either as a transmitting beacon or as a receiver, the Blue Tick device supports the following operational modes:

Beacon Mode - Remote GPS

  • Select transmit interval
  • Turn reporting on or off
  • Transmit and receive Brevity Code Messages
  • Transmit Altitude

Beacon Mode - Free Text

  • Compose and read text messages

Tracking Station Mode

  • Select receive (polling) interval
  • Turn receive (polling) on or off

Distress Mode

  • Can be entered from any Beacon Mode
  • Activates fixed reporting interval
  • The device is “Locked” until Distress Mode is turned off
  • Can be entered from free text mode as long as not in text composing screen