Benefits in the beyond

Expanding our potential in the unknown

Every advancement we make starts with a question: What if? What if we could fly above our atmosphere? Done. What if we could land on the moon? Done. But we aren't done. 400 space missions later, side-by-side with NASA and the U.S. military, our telecommunications technology is circling multiple planets. And it’s showing us sights no human has ever seen.

What if? It's a powerful question. And it’s always guiding what we do next.

Every day, the General Dynamics team pushes the extreme edges of engineering and science to imagine and create the next generation of space missions to advance scientific discovery and support national defense.

Manny Mora, Vice President & General Manager, Space & Intelligence Systems

Spaceborne Communications & Electronics

Near earth or deep space, we specialize in communications and electronics for all spacecraft. Discover our full suite of solutions.

Satellite Ground Systems

We design, build and manage ground-based systems that enable communications and control of satellite networks and spacecraft exploring the unknown.

The Military's First WCDMA Secure Satellite Communications Network

The ground stations for the Mobile User Objective System provide the communications gateway for U.S. military personnel to connect to this secure, cell phone like network anytime and anywhere.

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Satellite Mission Payloads

We engineer spaceflight-proven digital payloads for advanced missions requiring complex RF communications, signal processing and on-board software updates.

Space Operations & Engineering Services

Our experienced engineers work side-by-side with the U.S. Navy and NASA in mission operations centers to design and fly some of the world's most sophisticated satellites and spacecraft.

Radio Telescopes to Deep Space Networks

Astronomers and NASA's deep space explorers trust SATCOM Technologies expertise and precision manufacturing to design and build the most advanced antennas for exploration and space communications.

Spaceborne Encryption

We build reliable, high-speed encryptors which ensure that critical data from satellites and spacecraft doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Space Services

From highly precise beryllium machining to Iridium communications services.

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