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At General Dynamics, We Have A Legacy In Space.

At General Dynamics, we have a legacy in space: decades of experience flying the world's most sophisticated spacecraft; the expertise to provide technological solutions and satellite engineering support; highly advanced satellite ground systems and world-renowned radio telescope antennas. Our teams of experienced engineers, operations professionals and program managers ensure we continually deliver unsurpassed competence, customer focus and program performance. Our customers select us, and then continue to request us by name, time and again.

Ground Systems

General Dynamics has been a leading provider of satellite ground systems solutions for more than 30 years. Our experience and constant innovation bring the value of satellite systems in space down to the users on Earth.

Space Electronics

General Dynamics has over 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing high reliability space electronics to NASA and the Department of Defense. From the S-Band transponders used by Apollo astronauts exploring the moon to the X-Band system for the Mars Exploration Rovers, our proven space electronics provide reliable Earth-to-spacecraft and spacecraft-to-spacecraft communications.

Space Payloads

Our space electronics products and engineering solutions have been a critical part of NASA missions for decades. At the Goddard Space Flight Center, General Dynamics also continually has senior and staff-level engineers placed in launch and mission engineering activities on a wide range of NASA missions.


General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies is a global leader in designing and construction of some of the world's most advanced optical and radio telescopes. Our telescope structures and antennas can be found throughout North America, South America, Australia, Europe, India, the Arctic Circle and the South Pole.