Modular Extendable Rigid Wall Shelter (MERWS)

Expansion Kit for Army Standard Family Expandable (ASF-E) Shelter

The Modular Extendable Rigid Wall Shelter (MERWS) produced by General Dynamics Mission Systems is an expansion kit that attaches to Army Standard Family Expandable (ASF-E) shelters to provide up to 1,150 feet of unobstructed space. MERWS are deployed worldwide to provide large expanses of extra floor space required by tactical command centers, deployable debriefing facilities, hospitals and maintenance shops. The shelters enable these facilities to operate effectively by providing an unobstructed workspace that can withstand high loads with no supporting columns that is easy to clean and sanitize.

  • Extendable rigid wall attachment for ASF shelters
  • Provides an additional 700 sq. ft. of unobstructed floor space
  • Easy-to-assemble – Four workers in four hours
  • Small footprint – Can be packed in one expandable ISO shelter for transport
  • Ideal for tactical command centers, debriefing facilities and hospitals


MERWS shelters are constructed of strong, durable and lightweight aluminum-faced, nonmetallic honeycomb-sandwich panels. They are easy to assemble and can be unpacked and erected by four workers in just hours. MERWS can be stored in one ISO shelter and transported by aircraft, ship, rail or road to the field. The shelters can be fitted with chemical and biological kits allowing for wash-down decontamination. Custom features, such as electronics and lighting can also be included to significantly reduce deployment time and provide state-of-the-art system equipment.

Additional Key Features

  • Includes power entry, power distribution and lighting
  • Provisions for duct adapters to attach environmental control supply and return air
  • ISO 1496 and Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) certified in transport configuration
  • Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) exterior finish

Each MERWS Kit Contains:

  • Six modules that include the panels, base frames and roof trusses
  • Lighting and power outlets
  • Adjustable jacks for leveling floors
  • Removable panels, allowing attachment of environmental control ducts or passageways to ISO shelters and TEMPER (general purpose) tents

Proven Legacy of Shelters

For over forty years we have provided over 4,000 ASF shelters that have been deployed worldwide by U.S. and foreign military services. Our shelters provide the durability, flexibility and mobility needed to quickly transport, deploy and move facilities to support missions in any environment. We are the first in our industry to achieve the DoD Environmental objective eliminating the use of hexavalent chromium in panel processing. Our in-house panel bonding operations include clean and etch preparation of aluminum skins with an environmentally friendly process and non-hexavalent chromium based conversion coating and structural bonding primer.


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w/ 1 Side Expandable ISO Shelter

w/ 2 Side Expandable ISO Shelter

Weight  13,200 lbs
14,700 lbs
Unobstructed Floor Space
1,000 feet2
1,150 feet2
Deployed Size
8 x 53 x 20 feet
8 x 60 x 20 feet
Transport Size
8 x 8 x 20 feet
8 x 8 x 20 feet
Sand, Green, Tan or Camouflage

NSN: 5411-01-312-9084

General Dynamics Continues to Provide U.S. Army with Shelters for Austere Environments

The U.S. Army has selected General Dynamics to provide current generation Army Standard Family (ASF) Shelters, one-side and two-side expandable, and Modified Extendable Rigid Wall Shelters (MERWS).

General Dynamics is also designing the modernized Army Standard Tactical Shelter (ASTS) to be quickly deployed on the ground or on the Army’s Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles, enabling rapid deployment and increased mobility. Currently under development, these next generation of ASF shelters will cost significantly less than the current ASF shelters and increase many operating features such as nine-high stacking versus six-high which enables greater transportability.

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