SATCOM On-The-Move Model 20-24M Terminal

General Dynamics Mission Systems SATCOM-on-the-Move (SOTM) products share a legacy of proven, reliable performance on aircraft, ships, fast boats and a variety of military wheeled and tracked vehicles. The M20-24M was specifically designed for ground vehicle command, control and communications (C3) missions where beyond line of sight (BLOS) SATCOM capabilities are mission critical.

  • Reliable high data rate satellite communications while on-the-move
  • Interchangeable X, KU and KA band payloads
  • Modem Agnostic
  • Lightweight and rugged to withstand the harshest environments



SOTM terminals are available in a variety of sizes and configurations and have a long history of proven, reliable performance on aircraft, ships, fast boats and a variety of wheeled and tracked vehicles including HMMWV, Bradley and Stryker. The Model 20-24 series terminals share a common technology base, components and user interface with other products in the SOTM family (Models 13, 17 and 30).

  • Reliable high data rate satellite communications
  • Superior link availability and performance over a wide range of operational conditions
  • RF bands provide maximum operational flexibility, including Ku, Ka MIL, Ka Commercial and X Band.
  • Leverages a wide range of commercially available modem systems
  • Modular design enhances maintainability and minimizes life cycle cost
  • Lightweight, low profile design with all RF Components on Elevation Payload for high efficiency RF Tx/Rx
  • Antenna includes the antenna positioner, servo controller, tracking receiver, block up and down-converters and high efficiency solid state power amplifier all contained on the pedestal with interface for Power, Ethernet and L-Band Tx/Rx interface to modem


Ku Ka (MIL) Ka (COM) X
Frequency - Receive 10.95 to 12.75GHz 20.20 to 21.20 GHz 19.20 to 20.20 GHz 7.25 to 7.75 GHz
Frequency - Transmit
13.75 to 14.50 GHz
30.00 to 31.00 GHz
29.00 to 30.00 GHz 
7.90 to 8.40 GHz
Model Number
M20-24M Ku
M20-24M Ka MIL
M20-24M Ka COM
M20-24M X
Aperture Size
24 inches
2 Axis Az/El
25 Watts
13 Watts 13 Watts  25 Watts 
G/T Typ at Midband (30° El, 25°C)
14.1 dB/K
16.4 dB/K
16.2 dB/K
9.8 dB/K
EIRP Typ at Midband and P1dB 
49.6 dBW
58.4 dBW
58.3 dBW
44.7 dBW
Beamwidth, 3 dB, Rx/Tx Midband
Sidelobes, Tx
FCC VMES Compliant
Active Pol Alignment
Circular, RH/LH or LH/RH, or RH/RH, or LH/LH Remotely Selectable
Transmit Cross Polarization at 1 dB Down
30 dB Typ, 26 dB Min
Axial Ratio inside 1 dB BW, Rx/Tx
N/A 1.5/1.0
<1.2 dB
MIL-STD 810G / MIL-STD-461G (Land-Army)
Azimuth Travel
360° deg continuous
Elevation Travel (Full Performance)
0° (horizon) to +80°
Elevation Travel (Total)
0° (horizon) to +95°
Polarization Travel
360° Continuous
Tracking Performance
FCC VMES Compliant
Availablity 99% of the time during Churchville B conditions
Satellite Acquisition Time
< 5 sec hot, < 5 min from cold start
28.9 inches
Diameter Radome
28.6 inches
Diameter (Footprint at Base)
27.5 inches
130 lbs.
145 lbs.
Operating Temperature
-40°C to +49°C
L Band IF Tx/Rx Range
950 to 1750 MHz
1000 to 2000 MHz
1000 to 2000 MHz
950 to 1450 MHz
Supply Voltage
28 VDC per MIL-STD-1275E*
350 Watts Continuous, 800 Watts Peak (theoretical)