PRC-155 Manpack Radio

This product has been discontinued

General Dynamics Mission Systems is no longer producing the AN/PRC-155 Manpack radio.

The AN/PRC-155 Manpack radio was the U.S. Army’s first fielded two-channel, software defined radio that connects to the new Mobile User Objective Satellite (MUOS) network, providing soldiers with clear, smartphone-like voice communications wherever they are deployed.

General Dynamics now offers our new Shadowcat Radio for squad-level communications in contested environments. 



Introducing the Shadowcat Radio

Unlike typical large, brick style tactical radios, our new 8 ounce Shadowcat radio is designed for squad-level communications in contested environments.

The radio is easy-to-use and can transmit data, voice and real-time high-def video using advanced RF technology that makes it less susceptible to jamming and interference by adversaries.



General Dynamics uses a common core radio architecture, software and hardware design approach for all HMS products, including the Manpack radio. Special emphasis on SWAP-C (Size, Weight and Power Cost) lightens the soldier load and maximizes battery life through efficient design and both aggressive and intelligent power management. The Manpack includes GPS for position-location applications – painting individual units on a map to help reduce fratricide and increase situational awareness on the battlefield.

  • NSA certified for Top Secret and below communications
  • 2-channel networking radio with embedded encryption and GPS
  • Reconfigurable and interoperable with current-force and future radio platforms via a software upgrade
  • Creates self-forming ad hoc networks in any battlefield scenario
  • Extends the classified network beyond the path of vehicles

MUOS High Power Amplifier (MHPA)

The MUOS High Power Amplifier (MHPA) is an appliqué for the PRC-155 2-Channel Manpack radio. The MHPA replaces the standard High Power Amplifier (HPA) on either channel of the PRC-155 Manpack radio. With the MHPA attached, the PRC-155 Manpack radio becomes MUOS enabled providing a worldwide satellite-based communications capability, derived from 3GPP UMTS cellular technology. The route and retrans capability enables disparate networks, using legacy waveforms to be connected through the MUOS satellite system.

  • The PRC-155 Manpack radio is the first and only fielded, two-channel tactical radio that is proven to be MUOS ready
  • Crystal clear voice quality & virtually unlimited communications range
  • Dial-up voice calls to any other MUOS terminal or SCIP-enabled DISN (land line) phone worldwide
  • Data communications via any other MUOS terminal worldwide and access to designated SIPRNET or NIPRNET servers
  • Voice and data MUOS to Legacy Waveforms Route and Retrans (bridging)

The combination of the PRC-155 Manpack radio and MHPA provides dismounted soldiers voice and data communications while “on the move” using a lightweight, low-profile antenna. There is no need to stop, setup or position special antennas.

Download the MUOS High Power Amplifier (MHPA) Datasheet



PRC-155 Manpack Radio Datasheet



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Frequency Range 2 MHz – 2.5 GHz (banded)
Guard 121.5 VHF and 243.0 UHF
Size 236 cu. in. (378 with battery)
3.0” x 10.1” x 7.8” (without battery bucket)
3.0” x 10.1” x 12.5” (with battery bucket)
Weight <9 lbs. (<14 lbs. with battery)
Number of Channels 2
Presets 50 per channel
Max. Power Output 20 Watts
External 50 watt PAs available
JTRS Compliance Yes
Army-Certified Waveforms Yes
Fully Programmable COMSEC and TRANSEC
(Type 1 & Type 2)
Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) Yes
Remote Control Capability Yes
CIK Function, Removable Yes
Retransmission, Voice and Data Integral (2 channels)


* Software upgradeable

**Software upgradable, requires additional hardware

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