Webinar: Choosing the Right Encryption Solution – Exploring Layer 2 Ethernet, Layer 3 IP and Hybrid Approaches

August 5, 2020 | Webinar

Defense-wide modernization and consolidation efforts are driving needs for security with performance to maintain cybersecurity in the world’s growing digital age. Safeguarding data, and the networks it traverses, must be at the forefront of an organization’s priorities, but every application or mission is not the same. Solutions must optimally balance security, performance, network availability and user experience.

Check out our webinar with General Dynamics Mission Systems Cyber Systems Chief Technical Officer, David King, and Enterprise Solutions Architect, Chris Hubbard, discussing:

  • The importance of security with performance
  • The differences between Layer 3 IP and Layer 2 Ethernet encryption approaches
  • When and why you would choose one encryption approach over the other
  • How both solutions can be employed together to achieve data protection with optimal network efficiencies

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TACLANE-ES10 High Speed Ethernet Encryptor Grid

TACLANE-ES10 (KG-185A) Encryptor

The TACLANE-ES10 (KG-185A) is the first product in the E-series portfolio and supports network data rates of up to 20 Gb/s aggregate throughput. As part of the TACLANE family of high assurance encryptors, the new E-Series Encryptors will be manageable by the GEM® One encryptor management software.

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GD Live Webinar - Choosing the Right Data Center Solution

Choosing the Right Data Center Security Solution

Check out our in-depth discussion on the security requirements and considerations for high-speed enterprise backbones and how each consideration impacts your mission applications.

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TACLANE Network Encryption

TACLANE - the most widely deployed family of High Assurance Type 1 certified encryptors in the world - has been protecting critical information and securing national security systems for over 20 years. Building on that legacy, the TACLANE portfolio continues to modernize and advance technology to protect against advanced threats of today and future proofing for tomorrow.

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