A Rugged And Affordable High-Capacity, High-Performance, Secure Networked Attached Storage (NAS) System

Protect your sensitive data with the General Dynamics Secure Networked Attached Storage (NAS) System. An integrated KG-202 media encryptor protects data at levels up to TSSCI, while allowing rapid sanitization of the platform. Media with encrypted classified data can be stored in the open, reducing the need for secure storage areas. The platform can be secured by the removal of the crypto ignition key, and the zeroize functionality can be used in the case of imminent threats.

Product Details

  • Provides a 1000BASE-T Ethernet interface allowing storage to be shared with hosts on the platform network.
  • Supports RAID 0/1/5. The secure NAS also supports drive duplication for easy backup of stored data.
  • Houses up to four (4) General Dynamics μRMS media cartridges currently providing up to 256GB each (higher capacity drives are planned).
  • Runs a Linux-based operating system and provides file sharing services for both Network File System (NFS) and Common Internet File System/Server Message Block (CIFS/SMB) protocols


Secure Networked Attached Storage (NAS) Datasheet




Capacity Up to 4 μRMS 256GB (Total 1TB)*
Interface 1000BASE-T Ethernet
Input Voltage 28Vdc
Sequence Write Throughput ~55 MB/s
Sequence Write Throughput ~100 MB/s
Length 13.9 in
Width 9.5 in
Height 11.7 in
Weight 38.0 lbs
Typical Power 140w
Maximum Power Power supply capable of sourcing 350w
Cooling Forced-air cooling