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Day in the Life of a General Dynamics Engineering Technician

Sep, 05 2018
For more than 70 years, General Dynamics engineers have been developing and producing radomes – the protective, exterior shells covering sensitive equipment such as radar, navigation and satellite system antennas typically mounted on aircraft nosecones.

General Dynamics & Partners Raise $108,000 To Support Wounded Veterans

Sep, 04 2018
We are proud to announce that with your support, together we have raised $108,000 to help wounded post-9/11 veterans like Cpl Kyle Carpenter, SFC John Wayne Walding, and Sgt Lucas Oppelt successfully transition to civilian life.

A Legacy of Success Developing High Performance Radomes for Military and Commercial Aircraft

Jul, 11 2018
The General Dynamics Mission Systems facility in Marion, Va., leads the industry in the development of little-known but highly essential aircraft components: Radomes. In airborne systems, radomes are protective shells covering radar, navigation and satellite system antennas mounted on the aircraft.

Help Give Wounded Veterans A Fresh Start

Mar, 21 2018
In honor of Military Appreciation Month, we’re matching all donations made to the Sentinels of Freedom – an inspiring Foundation dedicated to helping severely wounded veterans transition back into civilian life.

General Dynamics Mission Payloads: The Heart of Satellite Functionality

Nov, 17 2017
Our relationship with space has changed dramatically since the first words were heard from the Moon in 1969. Space above Earth is now a complex array of more than 2,200 satellites, not including space debris made up of spent rocket boosters, dead satellites and a wrench or two from space walks and repairs. And, more satellites, large and small, are launching all the time.

CAC2S: Improved Command and Control for Marine Corps Air-Ground Task Forces

Nov, 17 2017
Technological innovations are redefining what’s possible on the battlefield. For the Marine Corps, advancements in communications technology allow for better coordination between air and ground units, and for Marine aviators to receive more information than ever before—all in real time.

General Dynamics' Fortress eNodeB Now FCC Certified and Ready to Deploy

Oct, 30 2017
The eNodeB (RN2404-2), recently certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), is the latest addition to General Dynamics' Fortress LTE product family, which provides “always on” high speed network access to vital information, including voice, video, data, text and chat.

NASA's Voyager Mission: Exploring the Unknown for 40 Years (And Still Going)

Sep, 01 2017
NASA’s twin spacecraft, Voyager I and II are exploring where nothing from earth has ever flown before. The initial goal of the Voyager mission was a 12-year effort to explore Jupiter and Saturn, but due to the success of the spacecraft and a planetary alignment that occurs about every 175 years it has been extended for the last 40 years to explore Uranus and Neptune and even to the outermost edge of the Sun’s domain, and beyond.

Norwegian Defense Research Establishment FFI Conducts Successful Field Trial of Fortress LTE System

Mar, 21 2017
General Dynamics Mission Systems recently completed a successful field trial of the Fortress LTE system for the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (FFI). The Fortress LTE system provided a mobile wireless coverage area enabling system performance measurements to be taken including coverage,…

Analytic Modeling: High-Context Collaboration For The Intelligence Community

Feb, 27 2017
Analytic Modeling allows analysts to more easily visualize and collaborate on complex intelligence data sets. We live in a world of ever-increasing data. Sensors, satellites, cameras, radars, location-aware devices and even social media contribute to the 2.5 quintillion bytes of data that are…

Bluefin UUV Dives Deep into the Arctic at U.S. Navy Exercise

Sep, 16 2016
Imagine traveling to the top of the world to put technology to the test in the harsh conditions of the Arctic Circle. For two General Dynamics Mission Systems employees, that dream became a reality during a recent assignment at the U.S. Navy's ice exercise known as ICEX 2016. It was pretty…
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