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U.S. Air Force Utilizes HOOK3 Radio During Simulated Rescue Mission For NASA Crews

Jul, 19 2019
U.S. Air Force search and rescue teams used General Dynamics' HOOK3 Combat Survival Radio during a simulated rescue mission to locate a NASA crew in the water after an aborted launch.

Revolutionizing Communications with Quantum 2.0

Jul, 10 2019
Harnessing the power of quantum physics for communications and sensing first theorized by Albert Einstein in the 1930s will allow General Dynamics to offer revolutionary real-world applications that could render conventional secure systems obsolete within the next decade.

General Dynamics Celebrates the Past, Present and Future of Space Exploration on 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11

Jul, 01 2019
“One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.” These immortal words from Neil Armstrong during his Moon landing were heard by more than 600 million people on Earth thanks to General Dynamics radios.

Protecting Enterprise Data: Hitting The Security Bullseye

Jun, 12 2019
The Office of Management and Budget classifies federal data as a “high-value asset” for which unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification or destruction could significantly undermine the country’s security.

Protecting Enterprise Data: The Challenge of Information Security

Jun, 05 2019
Federal agencies have striven in recent years to modernize federal computing, adopting technologies such as cloud computing, collaborative tools, mobility and Internet-enabled sensors.

Day in the Life of a General Dynamics Mechanical Engineer

May, 30 2019
Meet Scott Duncan, a mechanical engineer with General Dynamics Mission Systems in Scottsdale, Arizona. We caught up with Scott to discuss his work on Rescue 21, an advanced command, control and communications system that enables the U.S. Coast Guard to execute its search and rescue missions and locate mariners in distress, save lives and property at sea.

Day in the Life of a General Dynamics Engineering Technician

Sep, 05 2018
For more than 70 years, General Dynamics engineers have been developing and producing radomes – the protective, exterior shells covering sensitive equipment such as radar, navigation and satellite system antennas typically mounted on aircraft nosecones.

General Dynamics & Partners Raise $108,000 To Support Wounded Veterans

Sep, 04 2018
We are proud to announce that with your support, together we have raised $108,000 to help wounded post-9/11 veterans like Cpl Kyle Carpenter, SFC John Wayne Walding, and Sgt Lucas Oppelt successfully transition to civilian life.

A Legacy of Success Developing High Performance Radomes for Military and Commercial Aircraft

Jul, 11 2018
The General Dynamics Mission Systems facility in Marion, Va., leads the industry in the development of little-known but highly essential aircraft components: Radomes. In airborne systems, radomes are protective shells covering radar, navigation and satellite system antennas mounted on the aircraft.

Help Give Wounded Veterans A Fresh Start

Mar, 21 2018
In honor of Military Appreciation Month, we’re matching all donations made to the Sentinels of Freedom – an inspiring Foundation dedicated to helping severely wounded veterans transition back into civilian life.

General Dynamics Mission Payloads: The Heart of Satellite Functionality

Nov, 17 2017
Our relationship with space has changed dramatically since the first words were heard from the Moon in 1969. Space above Earth is now a complex array of more than 2,200 satellites, not including space debris made up of spent rocket boosters, dead satellites and a wrench or two from space walks and repairs. And, more satellites, large and small, are launching all the time.
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