Integrated Cyber & Electronic Warfare

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Sensors To Knowledge™


General Dynamics Mission Systems' electronic warfare suite of products provides users the capability to quickly detect, identify and track a wide range of signals in the electromagnetic spectrum to deliver the right information at the right time for increased situational awareness.

The traditional boundaries between signals intelligence (SIGINT), electronic warfare (EW), radar communications and images have resulted in stove pipes that complicate mission planning and data management, and delay intelligence from the tactical decision makers.

To address these issues, General Dynamics Mission Systems is redefining the role of sensors on deployed platforms by engineering a portfolio of hardware and software systems products designed to offer a common processing architecture that fully integrates the various system and network sources of intelligence to provide comprehensive battlespace awareness across a wide range of on-board and off-board sensors.

Sensors to KnowledgeTM

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SignalEye – AI Software for Automated Signal Classification

General Dynamics SignalEye solution provides spectrum situational awareness by automating the classification of signals through the use of machine learning. It provides tactical warfighters and security personnel with a timely, accurate view of the threat in the RF spectrum.

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