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Originally designed and built by General Dynamics, the Command Post of the Future (CPOF) was fielded across the U.S. Army and enabled warfighters to visualize the battlefield and plan missions. In 2009, CPOF received a "Outstanding Government Program" award. General Dynamics provided support for CPOF from 2004 through 2017.

For all questions regarding CPOF, please contact the U.S. Army’s Project Manager Mission Command, PEO C3T.

Command Post of the Future (CPOF) enables warfighters to visualize the battlefield and plan the mission through a dynamic view of critical resources and events. Collaborators across echelons and distances can maintain situational awareness while automating many of their daily tasks. CPOF is a custom application built on General Dynamics' CoMotion platform. CoMotion provides visualization, information analysis, and collaboration in a single, integrated environment that supports critical decision making.

Through its collaborative workspace, CPOF allows operators to:

  • See the terrain by viewing and manipulating data in the context of the battlefield
  • Customize significant activity or intel data through multiple visualizations while automating data entry and analysis processes
  • Share and brief work in real time across different applications and machines, as well as among multiple collaborators

By extending the virtual command post, CPOF facilitates analysis and mission planning for separated resources, reducing travel-related risks and incidents. CPOF's unique drag-and-drop interface encourages warfighters to compose their workspaces to fit their own preferences. From there, they can visualize important data in multiple ways, tailoring it to their own usage or to their Commander's needs. CPOF also interoperates with other Army systems, furthering its collaborative offerings by sharing tactical graphics and other communications. 


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