An Assured Edge for Your Tactical Network

The ability share information across multiple security domains while in the battlefield gives dismounted warfighters access to more information than ever before available.With TEE, warfighters in tactical situations can both access and transfer information from multiple security levels , enhancing situational awareness, safety and mission success. TEE is scalable to workstation and server environments and employs a COTS Separation Kernel/Hypervisor designed and developed for high assurance systems. TEE provides a robust environment in which entire operating systems and legacy applications run in different security domains, concurrently, with no compromise of confidentiality, availability, or integrity.

Product Details


  • Hypervisor with full virtualization technology builds upon COTS secure separation kernel technology
  • Access to multiple security domains on a single platform
  • Trusted virtualization saves size, weight, power and cost
  • TEE Technology Shelf provides enhanced features such as trusted display management and cross-domain transfer