General Dynamics’ Family of Advanced Core Cryptographic Technologies (FAC2T) provides the highest levels of information assurance to secure the products and systems used to protect the Nation’s most critical communications. Embeddable and flexible, the FAC2T family comes in a variety of forms and can be adapted to fit any platform, application or environment.

Advanced INFOSEC Machine (AIM)

The Advanced INFOSEC Machine (AIM) is a programmable, embeddable security engine for communications equipment requiring high-grade cryptographic processing. The state-of-the-art AIM chip provides a secure, certified hardware platform that supports interoperability with legacy equipment, as well as modern network-centric systems.

Windtalker Encryption Device

General Dynamics’ encryption module secures wireless intercom systems used onboard U.S. Army and U.S. Navy helicopters. The module is capable of protecting secure conversations between air and ground crew members.

POET ACM High Speed Encryptor

General Dynamics has teamed with the Air Force, Army and Navy to deliver the next-generation high-speed, high-capacity encryptor, the POET ACM. This module performs numerous concurrent COMSEC and TRANSEC operations and is the ideal high grade cryptographic solution for communication terminals and transceivers.

Secure Avionics

As a leading supplier of cryptography for avionics systems, General Dynamics Mission Systems brings over 40 years of Type 1 system development experience to customer platforms. Our Avionics Systems range from boxes to boards to chips and include some of the most advanced hardware, software and mechanical designs, integrated to meet the community’s high standards for lightweight, low-power, ruggedized components and security.

Space Encryption

For more than 40 years General Dynamics Mission Systems has provided reliable high-speed encryption to support numerous successful space missions. Our Type 1-certified encryptors, and corresponding ground encryptors are suited for large bandwidth data transmission.