Systems Engineer, General Dynamics Mission Systems
Years at General Dynamics: 8
“General Dynamics provides me with a work/life balance that is best for me.”

Why do you like working here?
It is very rewarding to know that our products are out there on aircrafts, in ground vehicles and on ships that our military uses everyday to protect our country. Our military knows that our products deliver the utmost in performance and confidence.

What project at General Dynamics have you been most proud to work on?
That would have to be my current project, the Advanced Mission Computer Performance Based Logistics program. My team and I repair the system and handle all of the logistics, ensuring the fleet is always ready to do its job. We maintain the stock of spares for the U.S. Navy and when requested, we ship systems to locations all over the world.

Describe how General Dynamics values work/life balance.
General Dynamics has allowed me to be a part-time employee since my oldest child was a year old. I work a nine hour work day four days a week and then have every Friday off to run errands. This allows me to have some quality time with my family on the weekends, get my work done at the office and provides me with a work/life balance that is best for me.