Brian Morrison, vice president and general manager of the Cyber Systems line of business, shares his vision for expanding the TACLANE portfolio to help customers address mission needs requiring high speed network encryption and data protection over Layer 2 Ethernet networks.

The new TACLANE E-Series portfolio includes high assurance solutions compliant with the NSA’s latest Ethernet Data Encryption Cryptographic Interoperability Specification (EDE-CIS). It will bring with it all the benefits that an end-to-end TACLANE solution provides today from the latest in crypto modernization technology and management software to the unmatched customer support ecosystem our warfighters and operators rely on every day, every mission.

The TACLANE-ES10 (KG-185A) is the first product in the E-series portfolio supporting 2-20 Gb/s aggregate throughput needed in strategic and tactical data centers. The TACLANE-ES100 E-Series Security Platform will bring scalable, high speed encryption in a modular design to the enterprise supporting 80 -400 Gb/s aggregate throughput in a modular, IT-friendly design.

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