General Dynamics NC Science Olympiad David Macchiarolo

To prepare our children for future endeavors in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers, we must dedicate ourselves to inspiring their interest in these areas at an early age. These students may one day be invaluable additions to our company and our communities.

To highlight General Dynamics Mission Systems' mission to educate the next generation of engineers and scientists, we celebrate our colleagues' contributions to the communities and schools where they live and work.

David Macchiarolo is a senior deputy program manager, engineering, for Undersea/Telecom Systems in McLeansville, North Carolina, and has been volunteering for 15 years with the North Carolina Science Olympiad (NCSO) and stressing the importance of STEM education in our schools.

David Macchiarolo General Dynamics Mission Systems

How long have you been volunteering with NCSO?

I've been working with the group for 15 years, along with many other General Dynamics Mission Systems volunteers.

What does your volunteer work entail?

General Dynamics Mission Systems has supported the Greensboro, North Carolina Regional Science Olympiad tournament for the past 15 years, providing funding for awards and trophies presented to participants. Additionally, we provide over 20 volunteer staff for judging many of the engineering and technology events during the tournament. I also served on the NCSO advisory board for several years as an industry representative and was board president for two years.

Why do you think an emphasis on STEM education in our schools is so important?

I view middle and high school students as our next generation of employees. A high school senior could be our next scientist or engineer in just a few years, so I firmly believe preparing them with an interest in science, practical engineering applications and critical thinking gives us a competitive advantage.

To assist in the STEM education of our youths, General Dynamics Mission Systems offers funding for school and community STEM programs through our Community Investment Program.