The Soldier's Network - WIN-T 2 Critical to U.S. Army’s Warfighting Capability


Using virtualization technology, the Army recently demonstrated a much smaller prototype of WIN-T Inc. 2’s mobile capability for the Stryker. In a recent article featured in Real Clear Defense, author Dan Goure reported on the importance of the network’s capability and how PEO C3T and General Dynamics have been working together to incorporate Soldier feedback in designing a slimmer WIN-T package for Army vehicles.  (Photo Credit: U.S. Army)

Slimmed Down WIN-T Increment 2 Critical to U.S. Army’s Warfighting Capability
By: Dan Gouré, National Interest, 8/29/2016

The most important element of Army modernization is command, control and communications (C3). The remarkable pace, agility and accuracy of operations by Army units over the past decade, alone and as part of a joint force, is the result of their ability to acquire, exchange, fuse and exploit information between echelons, units and even vehicles and aerial platforms.

WIN-T Increment 2, which was first deployed in 2013, marked a major leap forward in C3 capabilities. Increment 2 provides networking on-the-move capability down to the company level and even individual tactical vehicles. The Increment 2 system employs military and commercial satellite connectivity and line-of-sight radio antennas to achieve end-to-end connectivity and dynamic networking operations. Special software allows for the creation of completely ad-hoc, self-forming, self-healing networks.

Providing reliable, high bandwidth voice, data and video communications on the move required, until recently, a large number of communications components, routers, services, antennae and power supplies.

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