USS Independence LCS 2 Builders Trials


Below is a brief excerpt of an article from the U.S. Navy about the Independence-variant littoral combat ship. To read the full story, visit

CNO Stresses Versatility of Independence Variant LCS

By Ensign Michael Torres, Naval Education and Training Command Public Affairs

After touring USS Independence (LCS 2) with the congressman, the CNO highlighted the value of the LCS’s ability to be repackaged for multiple missions.

“The thing that is of value about the LCS is that she has great volume, high speed, and is modular,” said [ Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm.] Greenert. “What that means is you can change out packages to perform different missions.

“Currently the Independence is configured for mine countermeasures operations, but she can be reconfigured for other missions including maritime security or anti-submarine warfare. These packages could be forward deployed around the world in hot spots, where in a matter of a few days, the ship could be changed as necessary to meet the demand.”

The ship has been testing its new anti-mine warfare technology in the Gulf of Mexico since Feb. 20, and will be docking between sorties at NAS Pensacola throughout its training operation…

“In the future I expect to see continued construction of the LCS platform,” said Greenert. “We took a pause and decided we need 52 of these ships. The secretary of defense asked us to take a look at this and see if we could make these more survivable and more lethal. We’ve done that and we are all guns ahead.”

Source: “CNO Stresses Versatility of Independence Variant LCS,” Ensign Michael Torres,, 4/1/2015