GDNexus is an online portal where users collaborate to help customers reduce risk and accelerate time-to-mission by leveraging proven technologies from a diverse supplier base.

General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems is inviting technology providers to participate in a new initiative, GDNexus, which will match innovative solutions with existing customer needs through an online, rapid-review collaborative process. Registered members can now propose technology responses to validated customer requirements from across the defense, federal, intelligence and commercial markets. The approach will help customers reduce acquisition risk and accelerate time-to-mission while creating new sales opportunities for companies that might otherwise not supply to the government. With the first set of customer Needs Statements posted and available online today, GDNexus efforts will be initially focused on meeting customers growing needs in the cyber domain.

"GDNexus is a way to match innovative solutions with validated customer requirements rapidly, efficiently and collaboratively," said Nadia Short, vice president, Strategy and Business Development of General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems. "With cybersecurity remaining a top priority for our customers, GDNexus allows us to partner with experts from across multiple industries in a controlled, cooperative environment to drive new capabilities that our customers use to advance their missions and successfully navigate the constantly evolving threat landscape."

Registered members of the GDNexus community receive immediate notification when new customer Need Statements are available and may respond through the online portal with relevant products or solutions. The GDNexus team then reviews the responses, performing a rigorous evaluation, and provides the customer with an assessment of how the tools can support their mission. The GDNexus team also provides detailed feedback directly to members to help enhance their product strategy and align technology roadmaps to better anticipate and meet future mission needs. Current member companies registered to help customers keep pace with technology advancements include NetApp and RSA, The Security Division of EMC.

"Our customers mission remains our number one priority. GDNexus is the culmination of our customer-centric open business model come to life," Short said. "GDNexus also provides another important mechanism for us to act as an honest broker, bringing innovative technologies to our customers quickly as a prime systems integrator."

GDNexus allows technology providers to engage with General Dynamics subject matter experts who have honed their skills supporting hundreds of customers on thousands of missions in a wide variety of domains. This valuable insight and unique perspective, coupled with the seasoned mission experience of General Dynamics experts, will provide GDNexus members with a competitive edge in meeting critical government customer requirements.

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