Enhancements of Cineflex ELITE include in-camera ARRIRAW recording and high-speed ARRI/ZEISS Master Prime lenses that collect metadata for visual effects work.

FAIRFAX, Va. – General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies announced that the Cineflex ELITE stabilized camera system now features the ARRI ALEXA XT M camera which allows for in-camera recording of the unencrypted, uncompressed ARRIRAW format. The Cineflex ELITE is also now available with optional ARRI / ZEISS Master Prime lenses to allow cinematographers to capture imagery with greater clarity. These upgrades ensure the Cineflex ELITE continues to offer the latest in digital cinema technologies and address growing demand from directors and cinematographers.

The ALEXA XT system allows in-camera recording of the ARRIRAW format at up to 120 frames-per-second (fps) in 16:9 format onto a 512 GB XR Capture Drive. As an alternative to ARRIRAW, the XR Capture Drive records ProRes or DNxHD formats for significantly longer recording times than previous models.

The high-speed prime lenses collect twice as much light as standard lenses, allowing for exceptional optical performance in low-light conditions. With a built-in lens data system that shows real-time lens status and depth of field information, the lenses will also record important lens data and metadata for improved computer generated imagery (CGI) work. This enhancement will provide production teams with valuable insight, allowing animators to make special effects come to life with the greatest of ease.

“We work to integrate the best, and most innovative, components into the Cineflex family of camera systems,” said Bob McGill, vice president and general manager of General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies. “With a decade of delivering the quality and innovation to the digital cinema industry, the enhancements our team of engineers has made to the Cineflex ELITE will continue our legacy of delivering the clarity filmmakers expect and the quality viewers demand.”

Designed with close collaboration between cinematographers and General Dynamics’ design engineers, the Cineflex ELITE gyro-stabilized camera system is a compact, light-weight Super 35 format digital production camera system. More information about Cineflex camera systems is available online at www.cineflex.com.

The Cineflex family of high-definition camera systems is delivered by General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies, a provider of high-performance camera systems and components. For more information about General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies, a division of General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems please visit www.gd-imaging.com.

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